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#Com.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraph Classes and Interfaces - 15 results found.
DepthA Depth object records the topological depth of the sides of an Edge for up to two Geometries.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraphJTS Topology
DirectedEdgeClasscom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraphJTS Topology
DirectedEdgeStarA DirectedEdgeStar is an ordered list of outgoing DirectedEdges around a node.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraphJTS Topology
EdgeFields inherited from class com.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraphJTS Topology
EdgeEndModels the end of an edge incident on a node.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraphJTS Topology
EdgeEndStarA EdgeEndStar is an ordered list of EdgeEnds around a node.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraphJTS Topology
EdgeIntersectionRepresents a point on an edge which intersects with another edge.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraphJTS Topology
EdgeIntersectionListA list of edge intersections along an Edge.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraphJTS Topology
EdgeListA EdgeList is a list of Edges.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraphJTS Topology
EdgeNodingValidatorValidates that a collection of Edges is correctly noded.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraphJTS Topology
EdgeRingClasscom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraphJTS Topology
EdgeSetIntersectorAn EdgeSetIntersector computes all the intersections between the edges in the set.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraph.indexJTS Topology
GeometryGraphA GeometryGraph is a graph that models a given GeometryFields inherited from class com.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraphJTS Topology
GraphComponentA GraphComponent is the parent class for the objects' that form a graph.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraphJTS Topology
LabelA Label indicates the topological relationship of a component of a topology graph to a given Geometry.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraphJTS Topology