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ByteArrayInStreamAllows an array of bytes to be used as an InStream.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.ioJTS Topology
ByteOrderDataInStreamAllows reading a stream of Java primitive datatypes from an underlying with the representation being in either common byte ordering.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.ioJTS Topology
ByteOrderValuesMethods to read and write primitive Java datatypes from/to byte sequences, allowing the byte order to be specifiedClasscom.vividsolutions.jts.ioJTS Topology
InStreamA interface for classes providing an input stream of bytes.Interfacecom.vividsolutions.jts.ioJTS Topology
InputStreamInStreamAn adapter to allow an InputStream to be used as an InStreamConstructor SummaryInputStreamInStream(java.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.ioJTS Topology