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#Com.vividsolutions.jts.operation Classes and Interfaces - 29 results found.
BoundaryOpComputes the boundary of a Geometry.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operationJTS Topology
BufferBuilderBuilds the buffer geometry for a given input geometry and precision model.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.bufferJTS Topology
BufferOpComputes the buffer of a geometry, for both positive and negative buffer distances.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.bufferJTS Topology
BufferSubgraphA connected subset of the graph of DirectedEdges and Nodes.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.bufferJTS Topology
ConnectedElementLocationFilterA ConnectedElementPointFilter extracts a single point from each connected element in a GeometryClasscom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.distanceJTS Topology
ConnectedElementPointFilterExtracts a single point from each connected element in a GeometryClasscom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.distanceJTS Topology
ConnectedInteriorTesterThis class tests that the interior of an area Geometry ( Polygon or MultiPolygon )Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.validJTS Topology
ConsistentAreaTesterChecks that a GeometryGraph representing an area (a Polygon or MultiPolygon )Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.validJTS Topology
ConsistentPolygonRingCheckerTests whether the polygon rings in a GeometryGraph Used for checking if Topology errors are present after noding.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.overlayJTS Topology
DistanceOpFind two points on two Geometrys which lie within a given distance, or else are the closest pointsClasscom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.distanceJTS Topology
EdgeEndBuilderComputes the EdgeEnds which arise from a noded Edge.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.relateJTS Topology
EdgeEndBundleA collection of EdgeEnds which obey the following invariant: They originate at the same node and have the same direction.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.relateJTS Topology
EdgeEndBundleStarAn ordered list of EdgeEndBundles around a RelateNode.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.relateJTS Topology
EdgeRingRepresents a ring of PolygonizeDirectedEdges which form a ring of a polygon.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.polygonizeJTS Topology
EdgeSetNoderNodes a set of edges.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.overlayJTS Topology
EdgeStringA sequence of LineMergeDirectedEdges forming one of the lines that will be output by the line-merging process.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.linemergeJTS Topology
FuzzyPointLocatorFinds the most likely Location of a point relative to the polygonal components of a geometry, using a tolerance value.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.overlay.validateJTS Topology
GeometryGraphOperationThe base class for operations that require GeometryGraphs.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operationJTS Topology
GeometryLocationRepresents the location of a point on a Geometry.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.distanceJTS Topology
GeometrySnapperSnaps the vertices and segments of a Geometry to another Geometry's vertices.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.overlay.snapJTS Topology
IsSimpleOpTests whether a Geometry is simple.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operationJTS Topology
IsValidOp See the documentation for the various geometry types for a specification of validity.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.validJTS Topology
LineBuilderForms JTS LineStrings out of a the graph of DirectedEdges created by an OverlayOp.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.overlayJTS Topology
LineMergeDirectedEdgeA DirectedEdge of a Fields inherited from class com.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.linemergeJTS Topology
LineMergeEdgeAn edge of a LineMergeGraph.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.linemergeJTS Topology
LineMergeGraphA planar graph of edges that is analyzed to sew the edges together.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.linemergeJTS Topology
LineMergerSews together a set of fully noded LineStrings.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.linemergeJTS Topology
LineSequencerBuilds a sequence from a set of LineStrings so that they are ordered end to end.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.linemergeJTS Topology
LineStringSnapperSnaps the vertices and segments of a LineString to a set of target snap vertices.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.overlay.snapJTS Topology