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#Com.vividsolutions.jts.operation.linemerge Classes and Interfaces - 6 results found.
EdgeStringA sequence of LineMergeDirectedEdges forming one of the lines that will be output by the line-merging process.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.linemergeJTS Topology
LineMergeDirectedEdgeA DirectedEdge of a Fields inherited from class com.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.linemergeJTS Topology
LineMergeEdgeAn edge of a LineMergeGraph.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.linemergeJTS Topology
LineMergeGraphA planar graph of edges that is analyzed to sew the edges together.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.linemergeJTS Topology
LineMergerSews together a set of fully noded LineStrings.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.linemergeJTS Topology
LineSequencerBuilds a sequence from a set of LineStrings so that they are ordered end to end.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.linemergeJTS Topology