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#Com.vividsolutions.jts.operation.overlay Classes and Interfaces - 6 results found.
ConsistentPolygonRingCheckerTests whether the polygon rings in a GeometryGraph Used for checking if Topology errors are present after noding.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.overlayJTS Topology
EdgeSetNoderNodes a set of edges.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.overlayJTS Topology
FuzzyPointLocatorFinds the most likely Location of a point relative to the polygonal components of a geometry, using a tolerance value.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.overlay.validateJTS Topology
GeometrySnapperSnaps the vertices and segments of a Geometry to another Geometry's vertices.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.overlay.snapJTS Topology
LineBuilderForms JTS LineStrings out of a the graph of DirectedEdges created by an OverlayOp.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.overlayJTS Topology
LineStringSnapperSnaps the vertices and segments of a LineString to a set of target snap vertices.Classcom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.overlay.snapJTS Topology