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#Datomic Classes and Interfaces - 11 results found.
CastableAsUntypedAtomicOperationClassapache.vxquery.runtime.functions.castableApache VQuery
CastToUntypedAtomicOperationClassapache.vxquery.runtime.functions.castApache VQuery
FineGrainedAtomicMapFineGrainedAtomicMap is a special type of Map geared for use in Infinispan.Interfaceorg.infinispan.atomicInfinispan Curator Curator
DistributedAtomicIntegerA counter that attempts atomic Curator
DistributedAtomicLongA counter that attempts atomic Curator
DistributedAtomicNumberAdd delta to the current value and return the new value Curator
DistributedAtomicValueA distributed value that attempts atomic Curator
DelAddAtomicEach atomic element in the delete/add list of an operator both at compile time and run time is represented as an instance of this