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#De.frame4j.automation Classes and Interfaces - 7 results found.
ACLentryAn entry for a list of (access) rights.Classde.frame4j.automationFrame4jjavadoc
IdentityIdentifiable unit, capable of acting.Classde.frame4j.automationFrame4jjavadoc
IdGroupA group of identifiable units, capable of acting.Classde.frame4j.automationFrame4jjavadoc
OperationsList of operations.Classde.frame4j.automationFrame4jjavadoc
Operations .ListA list of (lists of) operations.Classde.frame4j.automationFrame4jjavadoc
PermitA permission / a right to act.Classde.frame4j.automationFrame4jjavadoc
Permit .OperableControllable (remotely) function unit.Interfacede.frame4j.automationFrame4jjavadoc

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