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#Dip.judge Classes and Interfaces - 16 results found.
AdjustmentParserParses the Adjustment information block.Classdip.judgeJDIP
AdjustmentParser .AdjustInfoAn AdjustInfo object is created for each power, and contains adjustment informationConstructor SummaryAdjustmentParser.Classdip.judgeJDIP
AdjustmentParser .OwnerInfoAn OwnerInfo object is created for each power.Classdip.judgeJDIP
DislodgedParser .DislodgedInfoA DislodgedInfo object is created for each dislodged unit.Classdip.judgeJDIP
FlocImportDialogDialog for importing a game from floc.Classdip.judgeJDIP
FlocImporter .FlocImportCallbackInterfacedip.judgeJDIP
JudgeImportImports text or reads a file, that is a Judge history file or listing.Classdip.judgeJDIP
JudgeOrderParserParses Move, Retreat, and Adjustment phase orders.Classdip.judgeJDIP
JudgeParserFirst stage of Judge output parsing.Classdip.judgeJDIP
PositionParserParses static position list, if present.Classdip.judgeJDIP
PositionParser .PositionInfoDetails the position informationConstructor SummaryPositionParser.Classdip.judgeJDIP
TurnParserParses the Turns of a History file.Classdip.judgeJDIP
TurnParser .TurnA Turn object is created for each Turn detected in the History file.Classdip.judgeJDIP