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#Dip.order Classes and Interfaces - 9 results found.
BouncedResultSimilar to an OrderResult, but allows the optional specification of: the unit with which this unit bouncesthe attack and defense strengthsClassdip.orderJDIP
ConvoyPathResultAn OrderResult that contains the path taken by a successfully convoyed Move.Classdip.orderJDIP
DependentMoveFailedResultAn OrderResult that applies specifically to Move orders that fail because they depend upon another Move to succeed (and Classdip.orderJDIP
DislodgedResultSimilar to an OrderResult, but allows the optional specification of: valid Locations to which a unit may retreat (if any)the unit that dislodged this unitthe attack and defense strengthsClassdip.orderJDIP
OrderResultA message sent to a specific Power that refers to a specific order.Classdip.orderJDIP
OrderResult .ResultTypeType-Safe enumerated categories of OrderResults.Classdip.orderJDIP
ResultA Result is a message that is sent from the adjudicator back to a power or all powers concerning turn processing.Classdip.orderJDIP
SubstitutedResultIf an adjudicator replaces an order (because it is invalid, for example) or creates an order (because no order was given), aClassdip.orderJDIP
TimeResult Timestamp result, with an optional message.Classdip.orderJDIP