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#Freemarker.cache Classes and Interfaces - 21 results found.
CacheStorageCache storage abstracts away the storage aspects of a cache - associating an object with a key, retrieval and removal via the key.Interfacefreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
CacheStorageWithGetSizeA cache storage that has a getSize() method for returning the current number of cache entries.Interfacefreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
ClassTemplateLoaderA TemplateLoader that can load templates from the classpath.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
ConcurrentCacheStorageAn optional interface for cache storage that knows whether it can be concurrently accessible without synchronization.Interfacefreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
FileTemplateLoaderA TemplateLoader that uses files inside a specified directory as the source of templates.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
MruCacheStorageA cache storage that implements a two-level Most Recently Used cache.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
MultiTemplateLoaderA TemplateLoader that uses a set of other loaders to load the templates.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
NullCacheStorageA cache storage that doesn't store anything.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
SoftCacheStorageSoft cache storage is a cache storage that uses SoftReference objects to hold the objects it was passed, therefore allows the garbageClassfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
StatefulTemplateLoaderInterface that can be implemented by template loaders that maintain some sort of internal state (i.Interfacefreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
StringTemplateLoaderA TemplateLoader that uses a Map with Strings as its source of In most case the regular way of loading templates from files will be fine.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
StrongCacheStorageStrong cache storage is a cache storage that simply wraps a Map.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
TemplateCachePerforms caching and on-demand loading of the templates.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
TemplateCache .MaybeMissingTemplateUsed for the return value of TemplateCache.Classfreemarker.cache.TemplateCacheFreeMarker Template
TemplateLoaderFreeMarker loads template "files" through objects that implement this interface, thus the templates need not be real files, and can come from any kind of data sourceInterfacefreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
TemplateLookupContextUsed as the parameter of TemplateLookupStrategy.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
TemplateLookupResultThe return value of TemplateLookupStrategy.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
TemplateLookupStrategyFinds the TemplateLoader-level (storage-level) template source for the template name witch which the template was requested (as in Configuration.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
TemplateNameFormatSymbolized template name format.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
URLTemplateLoaderThis is an abstract template loader that can load templates whose location can be described by an URL.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
WebappTemplateLoaderA TemplateLoader that uses streams reachable through ServletContext.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template