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#Hep.aida.ref.dataSet Classes and Interfaces - 8 results found.
BinErrorClasses implementing this interfaces calculate the plus and minus error on a bin given its entries and height.Interfacehep.aida.ref.dataSet.binnerFreeHep
BinnerA binner is responsible to keep track of the bins statistics for a binned data container in n-dimensions.Interfacehep.aida.ref.dataSet.binnerFreeHep
DefaultBinnerThe default implementation of a Binner.Classhep.aida.ref.dataSet.binnerFreeHep
EfficiencyBinErrorCalculates the bin error for efficiency-type histogramsAuthor:The FreeHEP team at SLAC.Classhep.aida.ref.dataSet.binnerFreeHep
EfficiencyBinnerThis binner is for efficiency-type of data.Classhep.aida.ref.dataSet.binnerFreeHep
GaussianBinErrorThis class calculates the error on the bin assuming a gaussian distribution.Classhep.aida.ref.dataSet.binnerFreeHep
PoissonBinErrorThis class calculates the error on the bin assuming a Poisson distribution.Classhep.aida.ref.dataSet.binnerFreeHep