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#Hep.aida.ref.event Classes and Interfaces - 8 results found.
AIDAObservableA basic implementation of isObservable.Classhep.aida.ref.eventFreeHep
ConnectEventAn event send to AIDAListeners if connection between AIDA object and it's data provider is re-openClasshep.aida.ref.eventFreeHep
ConnectableSource Code:Connectable.Interfacehep.aida.ref.eventFreeHep
DataPointSetEventAn event send from a Histogram to AIDAListenersVersion:$Id: DataPointSetEvent.Classhep.aida.ref.eventFreeHep
HistogramEventAn event send from a Histogram to AIDAListenersVersion:$Id: HistogramEvent.Classhep.aida.ref.eventFreeHep
IsObservableAn interface to be implemented by AIDA objects that can notify observers of change to their state.Interfacehep.aida.ref.eventFreeHep
ObserverAdapterAn ObserverAdapter can be used as a base class for class that wants to act as both AIDAListener and Observable, and relay things it observers to itsClasshep.aida.ref.eventFreeHep