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AbstractChannelA skeletal Channel implementation.Classio.netty.channelNetty
AbstractEventLoopSkeletal implementation of EventLoop.Classio.netty.channelNetty
AbstractEventLoopGroupSkeletal implementation of EventLoopGroup.Classio.netty.channelNetty
AbstractNioByteChannelAbstractNioChannel base class for Channels that operate on
AbstractNioChannelAbstract base class for Channel implementations which use a Selector based
AbstractNioMessageChannelAbstractNioChannel base class for Channels that operate on
AbstractServerChannelA skeletal server-side Channel implementation.Classio.netty.channelNetty
AdaptiveRecvByteBufAllocatorThe RecvByteBufAllocator that automatically increases anddecreases the predicted buffer size on feed back.Classio.netty.channelNetty
AddressedEnvelopeA message that wraps another message with a sender address and a recipient address.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelA nexus to a network socket or a component which is capable of I/Ooperations such as read, write, connect, and bind.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
Channel .UnsafeUnsafe operations that should never be called from
ChannelConfigA set of configuration properties of a Channel.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelExceptionA RuntimeException which is thrown when an I/O operation fails.Classio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelFactoryCreates a new Channel.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelFlushPromiseNotifierThis implementation allows to register ChannelFuture instances which will get notified once some amount ofdata was written and so a checkpoint was reached.Classio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelFutureThe result of an asynchronous Channel I/O operation.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelFutureListenerListens to the result of a ChannelFuture.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelGroupA thread-safe Set that contains open Channels and providesvarious bulk operations on
ChannelGroupExceptionChannelException which holds ChannelFutures that failed because of an
ChannelGroupFutureThe result of an asynchronous ChannelGroup
ChannelGroupFutureListenerListens to the result of a
ChannelHandlerHandles an I/O event or intercepts an I/O operation, and forwards it to its next handler inits ChannelPipeline.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelHandler .SharableIndicates that the same instance of the annotated ChannelHandlercan be added to one or more ChannelPipelines multiple
ChannelHandler .SkipIndicates that the annotated event handler method in ChannelHandler will not be invoked
ChannelHandlerAdapterSkelton implementation of a ChannelHandler.Classio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelHandlerAppenderA ChannelHandler that appends the specified ChannelHandlers right next to itself.Classio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelHandlerContextEnables a ChannelHandler to interact with its ChannelPipelineand other handlers.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelHandlerInvokerInvokes the event handler methods of ChannelHandler.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelHandlerInvokerUtilA set of helper methods for easier implementation of custom ChannelHandlerInvoker implementation.Classio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelIdRepresents the globally unique identifier of a Channel.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelInitializerA special ChannelHandler which offers an easy way to initialize a Channel once it wasregistered to its EventLoop.Classio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelInputShutdownEventSpecial event which will be fired and passed to
ChannelMatcherAllows to only match some Channel's for operations in
ChannelMatchersHelper class which provides often used ChannelMatcher
ChannelMetadataRepresents the properties of a Channel implementation.Classio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelOutboundBuffer(Transport implementors only) an internal data structure used by AbstractChannel to store its pendingoutbound write requests.Classio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelPipelineA list of ChannelHandlers which handles or intercepts inbound events and outbound operations of aChannel.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelPipelineExceptionA ChannelException which is thrown when a ChannelPipelinefailed to execute an operation.Classio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelProgressivePromiseSpecial ChannelPromise which will be notified once the associated bytes is transferring.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelPromiseSpecial ChannelFuture which is writable.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelPromiseAggregatorClass which is used to consolidate multiple channel futures into one, bylistening to the individual futures and producing an aggregated resultClassio.netty.channelNetty
ChannelPromiseNotifierChannelFutureListener implementation which takes other ChannelFuture(s) and notifies them on completion.Classio.netty.channelNetty
ConnectTimeoutExceptionConnectException which will be thrown if a connection couldnot be established because of a connection timeout.Classio.netty.channelNetty
DatagramChannelConfigA ChannelConfig for a
DatagramPacketThe message container that is used for DatagramChannel to communicate with the remote
DefaultAddressedEnvelopeThe default AddressedEnvelope implementation.Classio.netty.channelNetty
DefaultChannelConfigThe default SocketChannelConfig implementation.Classio.netty.channelNetty
DefaultChannelGroupThe default ChannelGroup
DefaultChannelProgressivePromiseThe default ChannelProgressivePromise implementation.Classio.netty.channelNetty
DefaultChannelPromiseThe default ChannelPromise implementation.Classio.netty.channelNetty
DefaultDatagramChannelConfigThe default DatagramChannelConfig
DefaultEventLoopGroupMultithreadEventLoopGroup which must be used for the local transport.Classio.netty.channelNetty
DefaultFileRegionDefault FileRegion implementation which transfer data from a FileChannel or File.Classio.netty.channelNetty
DefaultMessageSizeEstimatorDefault MessageSizeEstimator implementation which supports the estimation of the size ofByteBuf, ByteBufHolder and FileRegion.Classio.netty.channelNetty
DefaultSctpChannelConfigThe default SctpChannelConfig implementation for
DefaultSctpServerChannelConfigThe default SctpServerChannelConfig implementation for
DefaultServerSocketChannelConfigThe default ServerSocketChannelConfig
DefaultSocketChannelConfigThe default SocketChannelConfig
DefaultUdtChannelConfigThe default UdtChannelConfig
DefaultUdtServerChannelConfigThe default UdtServerChannelConfig
DomainSocketChannelConfigSpecial ChannelConfig for
DomainSocketReadModeenum DomainSocketReadModeDifferent modes of reading from a
EmbeddedChannelBase class for Channel implementations that are used in an embedded
EpollTells if netty-transport-native-epoll is
EpollDatagramChannelDatagramChannel implementation that uses linux EPOLL Edge-Triggered Mode formaximal
EpollEventLoopGroupA MultithreadEventLoopGroup which uses epoll under
EpollModeThe epoll mode to
EpollServerSocketChannelServerSocketChannel implementation that uses linux EPOLL Edge-Triggered Mode formaximal
EpollSocketChannelSocketChannel implementation that uses linux EPOLL Edge-Triggered Mode formaximal
EpollTcpInfo__u8 tcpi_retransmits;__u8 tcpi_snd_wscale : 4, tcpi_rcv_wscale : 4;
EventLoopWill handle all the I/O operations for a Channel once registered.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
EventLoopExceptionSpecial ChannelException which will be thrown by EventLoop and EventLoopGroupSee Also:Serialized FormClassio.netty.channelNetty
EventLoopGroupSpecial EventExecutorGroup which allows registering Channels that getprocessed for later selection during the event loop.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
FileDescriptorNative FileDescriptor implementation which allows to wrap an int and provide aFileDescriptor for
FileRegionA region of a file that is sent via a Channel which supportszero-copy file transfer.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
FixedRecvByteBufAllocatorThe RecvByteBufAllocator that always yields the same buffersize prediction.Classio.netty.channelNetty
InternetProtocolFamilyenum InternetProtocolFamilyInternet Protocol (IP) families used byte the
LocalAddressAn endpoint in the local
LocalChannelA Channel for the local
LocalServerChannelA ServerChannel for the local transport which allows in VM
MessageSizeEstimatorResponsible to estimate size of a message.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
NioDatagramChannelAn NIO datagram Channel that sends and receives anSee Also:AddressedEnvelope,
NioEventLoopA SingleThreadEventLoop implementation which registers each Channel with aNIO Selector and performs the multiplexing of these in the event
NioEventLoopGroupA MultithreadEventLoopGroup implementation which is used for NIO Selector based
NioSctpChannelSctpChannel implementation which use non-blocking mode and allows to read /write SctpMessages to the underlying
NioSctpServerChannelSctpServerChannel implementation which use non-blocking mode to accept newconnections and create the NioSctpChannel for
NioServerSocketChannelA ServerSocketChannel implementation which usesNIO selector based implementation to accept new
NioSocketChannelSocketChannel which uses NIO selector based
NioTaskAn arbitrary task that can be executed by NioEventLoop when a SelectableChannel becomes
NioUdtAcceptorChannelCommon base for Netty Byte/Message UDT Stream/Datagram
NioUdtByteAcceptorChannelByte Channel Acceptor for UDT
NioUdtByteConnectorChannelByte Channel Connector for UDT
NioUdtByteRendezvousChannelByte Channel Rendezvous for UDT
NioUdtMessageAcceptorChannelMessage Channel Acceptor for UDT
NioUdtMessageConnectorChannelMessage Connector for UDT
NioUdtMessageRendezvousChannelMessage Rendezvous for UDT
NioUdtProviderUDT NIO components provider:Provides ChannelFactory for UDT
OioByteStreamChannelAbstract base class for OIO Channels that are based on
OioDatagramChannelAn OIO datagram Channel that sends and receives anSee Also:AddressedEnvelope,
OioEventLoopGroupEventLoopGroup which is used to handle OIO Channel'
OioSctpChannelSctpChannel implementation which use blocking mode and allows to read / writeSctpMessages to the underlying
OioSctpServerChannelSctpServerChannel implementation which use blocking mode to accept newconnections and create the OioSctpChannel for
OioServerSocketChannelServerSocketChannel which accepts new connections and create the OioSocketChannel's for
OioServerSocketChannelConfigA ServerSocketChannelConfig for a
OioSocketChannelConfigA ChannelConfig for a
PendingWriteQueueA queue of write operations which are pending for later execution.Classio.netty.channelNetty
RecvByteBufAllocatorAllocates a new receive buffer whose capacity is probably large enough to read all inbound data and small enoughnot to waste its space.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
ReflectiveChannelFactoryA ChannelFactory that instantiates a new Channel by invoking its default constructor reflectively.Classio.netty.channelNetty
RxtxChannelA channel to a serial device using the RXTX
RxtxChannelConfigA configuration class for RXTX device
RxtxChannelConfig .Databits5 data bits will be used for each character (
RxtxChannelConfig .ParitybitAn even parity bit will be sent with each data character,
RxtxChannelConfig .Stopbits1 stop bit will be sent at the end of every
RxtxDeviceAddressA SocketAddress subclass to wrap the serial port address of a RXTXdevice (
SctpChannelA SCTP/IP Channel interface for single SCTP
SctpChannelConfigA ChannelConfig for a
SctpNotificationHandlerAbstractNotificationHandler implementation which will handle all Notifications by trigger aNotification user event in the ChannelPipeline of a
SctpServerChannelA SCTP/IP ServerChannel which accepts incoming SCTP/IP
SctpServerChannelConfigA ChannelConfig for a
ServerChannelA Channel that accepts an incoming connection attempt and createsits child Channels by accepting them.Interfaceio.netty.channelNetty
ServerSocketChannelA TCP/IP ServerChannel which accepts incoming TCP/IP
ServerSocketChannelConfigA ChannelConfig for a
SimpleChannelInboundHandlerChannelHandler which allows to explicit only handle a specific type of messages.Classio.netty.channelNetty
SingleThreadEventLoopAbstract base class for EventLoops that execute all its submitted tasks in a single thread.Classio.netty.channelNetty
SocketChannelA TCP/IP socket
SocketChannelConfigA ChannelConfig for a
ThreadPerChannelEventLoopSingleThreadEventLoop which is used to handle OIO Channel's.Classio.netty.channelNetty
ThreadPerChannelEventLoopGroupAn EventLoopGroup that creates one EventLoop per Channel.Classio.netty.channelNetty
UdtChannelSupported UDT UdtChannel are available via
UdtChannelConfigA ChannelConfig for a
UdtMessageThe message container that is used for
UdtServerChannelSupported UDT UdtServerChannel are available via
UdtServerChannelConfigA ChannelConfig for a
UnixChannelChannel that expose operations that are only present on UNIX like