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ChannelInputShutdownEventSpecial event which will be fired and passed to
DatagramChannelConfigA ChannelConfig for a
DatagramPacketThe message container that is used for DatagramChannel to communicate with the remote
DefaultDatagramChannelConfigThe default DatagramChannelConfig
DefaultServerSocketChannelConfigThe default ServerSocketChannelConfig
DefaultSocketChannelConfigThe default SocketChannelConfig
InternetProtocolFamilyenum InternetProtocolFamilyInternet Protocol (IP) families used byte the
NioDatagramChannelAn NIO datagram Channel that sends and receives anSee Also:AddressedEnvelope,
NioServerSocketChannelA ServerSocketChannel implementation which usesNIO selector based implementation to accept new
NioSocketChannelSocketChannel which uses NIO selector based
OioDatagramChannelAn OIO datagram Channel that sends and receives anSee Also:AddressedEnvelope,
OioServerSocketChannelServerSocketChannel which accepts new connections and create the OioSocketChannel's for
OioServerSocketChannelConfigA ServerSocketChannelConfig for a
OioSocketChannelConfigA ChannelConfig for a
ServerSocketChannelA TCP/IP ServerChannel which accepts incoming TCP/IP
ServerSocketChannelConfigA ChannelConfig for a
SocketChannelA TCP/IP socket
SocketChannelConfigA ChannelConfig for a