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#Io.netty.handler.ipfilter Classes and Interfaces - 6 results found.
AbstractRemoteAddressFilterThis class provides the functionality to either accept or reject new Channelsbased on their IP address.Classio.netty.handler.ipfilterNetty
IpFilterRuleTypeenum IpFilterRuleTypeUsed in IpFilterRule to decide if a matching IP Address should be allowed or denied to connect.Classio.netty.handler.ipfilterNetty
IpSubnetFilterRuleUse this class to create rules for RuleBasedIpFilter that group IP addresses into subnets.Classio.netty.handler.ipfilterNetty
RuleBasedIpFilterThis class allows one to filter new Channels based on theIpFilterRules passed to its constructor.Classio.netty.handler.ipfilterNetty
UniqueIpFilterThis class allows one to ensure that at all times for every IP address there is at most oneChannel connected to the server.Classio.netty.handler.ipfilterNetty