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#Java.lang.annotation Classes and Interfaces - 21 results found.
AnnotationFormatErrorThrown when the annotation parser attempts to read an annotation from a class file and determines that the annotation is malformed.Classjava.lang.annotationJava SE
AnnotationTypeMismatchExceptionThrown to indicate that a program has attempted to access an element of an annotation whose type has changed after the annotation was compiledClassjava.lang.annotationJava SE
AnnotationThe common interface extended by all annotation types.Interfacejava.lang.annotationJava SE
DocumentedIf the annotation @Documented is present on the declaration of an annotation type A, then any @A annotation onClassjava.lang.annotationJava SE
ElementTypeThe constants of this enumerated type provide a simple classification of the syntactic locations where annotations may appear in a Java program.Classjava.lang.annotationJava SE
IncompleteAnnotationExceptionThrown to indicate that a program has attempted to access an element of an annotation type that was added to the annotation type definition afterClassjava.lang.annotationJava SE
InheritedIndicates that an annotation type is automatically inherited.Classjava.lang.annotationJava SE
NativeIndicates that a field defining a constant value may be referenced The annotation may be used as a hint by tools that generate nativeClassjava.lang.annotationJava SE
RetentionPolicyenum RetentionPolicyAnnotation retention policy.Classjava.lang.annotationJava SE
RepeatableThe annotation type java.Classjava.lang.annotationJava SE
RetentionIndicates how long annotations with the annotated type are to be retained.Classjava.lang.annotationJava SE
TargetIndicates the contexts in which an annotation type is applicable.Classjava.lang.annotationJava SE
AnnotationA mirror of java.Interfacejava.lang.annotationCodeName One
AnnotationFormatErrorA mirror of java.Classjava.lang.annotationCodeName One
DocumentedClassjava.lang.annotationCodeName One
ElementTypeA mirror of java.Classjava.lang.annotationCodeName One
IncompleteAnnotationExceptionA mirror of java.Classjava.lang.annotationCodeName One
InheritedClassjava.lang.annotationCodeName One
RetentionClassjava.lang.annotationCodeName One
RetentionPolicyenum RetentionPolicyA mirror of java.Classjava.lang.annotationCodeName One
TargetClassjava.lang.annotationCodeName One