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#Java.lang.invoke Classes and Interfaces - 23 results found.
CallSiteA CallSite is a holder for a variable MethodHandle, which is called its target.Classjava.lang.invokeJava SE
ConstantCallSiteA ConstantCallSite is a CallSite whose target is permanent, and can never be changed.Classjava.lang.invokeJava SE
LambdaConversionExceptionLambdaConversionExceptionSee Also:Serialized FormClassjava.lang.invokeJava SE
LambdaMetafactoryMethods to facilitate the creation of simple function objects that implement one or more interfaces by delegation to a provided MethodHandle,Classjava.lang.invokeJava SE
MethodHandleA method handle is a typed, directly executable reference to an underlying method, constructor, field, or similar low-level operation, with optionalClassjava.lang.invokeJava SE
MethodHandleProxiesThis class consists exclusively of static methods that help adapt method handles to other JVM types, such as interfaces.Classjava.lang.invokeJava SE
MethodHandlesThis class consists exclusively of static methods that operate on or return method handles.Classjava.lang.invokeJava SE
MethodHandles .LookupA lookup object is a factory for creating method handles, when the creation requires access checking.Classjava.lang.invoke.MethodHandlesJava SE
MethodTypeA method type represents the arguments and return type accepted and returned by a method handle, or the arguments and return type passedClassjava.lang.invokeJava SE
MutableCallSiteA MutableCallSite is a CallSite whose target variable behaves like an ordinary field.Classjava.lang.invokeJava SE
MethodHandleInfoA symbolic reference obtained by cracking a direct method handle into its consitutent symbolic parts.Interfacejava.lang.invokeJava SE
SerializedLambdaSerialized form of a lambda expression.Classjava.lang.invokeJava SE
StringConcatExceptionStringConcatException is thrown by StringConcatFactory when linkage invariants are violated.Classjava.lang.invokeJava SE
StringConcatFactoryMethods to facilitate the creation of String concatenation methods, that can be used to efficiently concatenate a known number of arguments of knownClassjava.lang.invokeJava SE
SwitchPoint A SwitchPoint is an object which can publish state transitions to other threads.Classjava.lang.invokeJava SE
VolatileCallSiteA VolatileCallSite is a CallSite whose target acts like a volatile variable.Classjava.lang.invokeJava SE
WrongMethodTypeExceptionThrown to indicate that code has attempted to call a method handle via the wrong method type.Classjava.lang.invokeJava SE
CallSiteClassjava.lang.invokeCodeName One
LambdaMetafactoryClassjava.lang.invokeCodeName One
MethodHandleClassjava.lang.invokeCodeName One
MethodHandlesClassjava.lang.invokeCodeName One
MethodHandles .LookupClassjava.lang.invoke.MethodHandlesCodeName One
MethodTypeClassjava.lang.invokeCodeName One