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AuthenticatorThe class Authenticator represents an object that knows how to obtain authentication for a network connection.Classjava.netJava SE
Authenticator .RequestorTypeThe type of the entity requesting SE
BindExceptionSignals that an error occurred while attempting to bind a socket to a local address and port.Classjava.netJava SE
CacheRequestRepresents channels for storing resources in the ResponseCache.Classjava.netJava SE
CacheResponseRepresent channels for retrieving resources from the ResponseCache.Classjava.netJava SE
ConnectExceptionSignals that an error occurred while attempting to connect a socket to a remote address and port.Classjava.netJava SE
ContentHandlerThe abstract class ContentHandler is the superclass of all classes that read an Object from aClassjava.netJava SE
CookieHandlerA CookieHandler object provides a callback mechanism to hook up a HTTP state management policy implementation into the HTTP protocolClassjava.netJava SE
CookieManagerCookieManager provides a concrete implementation of CookieHandler, which separates the storage of cookies from the policy surrounding acceptingClassjava.netJava SE
ContentHandlerFactoryThis interface defines a factory for content handlers.Interfacejava.netJava SE
CookiePolicyCookiePolicy implementations decide which cookies should be accepted and which should be rejected.Interfacejava.netJava SE
CookieStoreA CookieStore object represents a storage for cookie.Interfacejava.netJava SE
DatagramPacketThis class represents a datagram packet.Classjava.netJava SE
DatagramSocketThis class represents a socket for sending and receiving datagram packets.Classjava.netJava SE
DatagramSocketImplAbstract datagram and multicast socket implementation base class.Classjava.netJava SE
DatagramSocketImplFactoryThis interface defines a factory for datagram socket implementations.Interfacejava.netJava SE
FileNameMapA simple interface which provides a mechanism to map between a file name and a MIME type string.Interfacejava.netJava SE
HttpCookieAn HttpCookie object represents an HTTP cookie, which carries state information between server and user agent.Classjava.netJava SE
HttpRetryExceptionThrown to indicate that a HTTP request needs to be retried but cannot be retried automatically, due to streaming modeClassjava.netJava SE
HttpURLConnectionA URLConnection with support for HTTP-specific features.Classjava.netJava SE
IDNProvides methods to convert internationalized domain names (IDNs) between a normal Unicode representation and an ASCII Compatible Encoding (ACE) representation.Classjava.netJava SE
Inet4AddressThis class represents an Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) address.Classjava.netJava SE
Inet6AddressThis class represents an Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) address.Classjava.netJava SE
InetAddressThis class represents an Internet Protocol (IP) address.Classjava.netJava SE
InetSocketAddressThis class implements an IP Socket Address (IP address + port number) It can also be a pair (hostname + port number), in which case an attemptClassjava.netJava SE
InterfaceAddressThis class represents a Network Interface address.Classjava.netJava SE
JarURLConnectionA URL Connection to a Java ARchive (JAR) file or an entry in a JAR The syntax of a JAR URL is:Classjava.netJava SE
MalformedURLExceptionThrown to indicate that a malformed URL has occurred.Classjava.netJava SE
MulticastSocketThe multicast datagram socket class is useful for sending and receiving IP multicast packets.Classjava.netJava SE
NetPermissionThis class is for various network permissions.Classjava.netJava SE
NetworkInterfaceThis class represents a Network Interface made up of a name, and a list of IP addresses assigned to this interface.Classjava.netJava SE
NoRouteToHostExceptionSignals that an error occurred while attempting to connect a socket to a remote address and port.Classjava.netJava SE
PasswordAuthenticationThe class PasswordAuthentication is a data holder that is used by Authenticator.Classjava.netJava SE
PortUnreachableExceptionSignals that an ICMP Port Unreachable message has been received on a connected datagram.Classjava.netJava SE
ProtocolExceptionThrown to indicate that there is an error in the underlying protocol, such as a TCP error.Classjava.netJava SE
ProxyThis class represents a proxy setting, typically a type (http, socks) and A Proxy is an immutable object.Classjava.netJava SE
ProxySelectorSelects the proxy server to use, if any, when connecting to the network resource referenced by a URL.Classjava.netJava SE
Proxy .TypeRepresents the proxy SE
ProtocolFamilyRepresents a family of communication protocols.Interfacejava.netJava SE
ResponseCacheRepresents implementations of URLConnection caches.Classjava.netJava SE
SecureCacheResponseRepresents a cache response originally retrieved through secure means, such as TLS.Classjava.netJava SE
ServerSocketThis class implements server sockets.Classjava.netJava SE
SocketThis class implements client sockets (also called just sockets).Classjava.netJava SE
SocketAddressThis class represents a Socket Address with no protocol attachment.Classjava.netJava SE
SocketExceptionThrown to indicate that there is an error creating or accessing a Socket.Classjava.netJava SE
SocketImplThe abstract class SocketImpl is a common superclass of all classes that actually implement sockets.Classjava.netJava SE
SocketPermissionThis class represents access to a network via sockets.Classjava.netJava SE
SocketTimeoutExceptionSignals that a timeout has occurred on a socket read or accept.Classjava.netJava SE
StandardSocketOptionsDefines the standard socket options.Classjava.netJava SE
StandardProtocolFamilyenum StandardProtocolFamilyDefines the standard families of communication protocols.Classjava.netJava SE
SocketImplFactoryThis interface defines a factory for socket implementations.Interfacejava.netJava SE
SocketOptionA socket option associated with a socket.Interfacejava.netJava SE
SocketOptionsInterface of methods to get/set socket options.Interfacejava.netJava SE
UnknownHostExceptionThrown to indicate that the IP address of a host could not be determined.Classjava.netJava SE
UnknownServiceExceptionThrown to indicate that an unknown service exception has occurred.Classjava.netJava SE
URIRepresents a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) reference.Classjava.netJava SE
URISyntaxExceptionChecked exception thrown to indicate that a string could not be parsed as aSince:1.Classjava.netJava SE
URL Locator, a pointer to a resource on the World Wide Web.Classjava.netJava SE
URLClassLoaderThis class loader is used to load classes and resources from a search path of URLs referring to both JAR files and directories.Classjava.netJava SE
URLConnectionThe abstract class URLConnection is the superclass of all classes that represent a communications link between theClassjava.netJava SE
URLDecoderUtility class for HTML form decoding.Classjava.netJava SE
URLEncoderUtility class for HTML form encoding.Classjava.netJava SE
URLPermissionRepresents permission to access a resource or set of resources defined by a given url, and for a given set of user-settable request methodsClassjava.netJava SE
URLStreamHandlerThe abstract class URLStreamHandler is the common superclass for all stream protocol handlers.Classjava.netJava SE
URLStreamHandlerProviderURL stream handler service-provider SE
URLStreamHandlerFactoryThis interface defines a factory for URL stream A URL stream handler factory is used as specified in theInterfacejava.netJava SE
URIAn implementation of a Univeral Resource Identifier (URI).Classjava.netCodeName One
URISyntaxExceptionClassjava.netCodeName One