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#Java.util.jar Classes and Interfaces - 41 results found.
AttributesThe Attributes class maps Manifest attribute names to associated string values.Classjava.util.jarJava SE
Attributes .NameThe Attributes.Classjava.util.jar.AttributesJava SE
JarEntryThis class is used to represent a JAR file entry.Classjava.util.jarJava SE
JarExceptionSignals that an error of some sort has occurred while reading from or writing to a JAR file.Classjava.util.jarJava SE
JarFileThe JarFile class is used to read the contents of a jar file from any file that can be opened with java.Classjava.util.jarJava SE
JarInputStreamThe JarInputStream class is used to read the contents of a JAR file from any input stream.Classjava.util.jarJava SE
JarOutputStreamThe JarOutputStream class is used to write the contents of a JAR file to any output stream.Classjava.util.jarJava SE
ManifestThe Manifest class is used to maintain Manifest entry names and their associated Attributes.Classjava.util.jarJava SE
Pack200Transforms a JAR file to or from a packed stream in Pack200 format.Classjava.util.jarJava SE
Pack200 .PackerThe packer engine applies various transformations to the input JAR file, making the pack stream highly compressible by a compressor such asInterfacejava.util.jar.Pack200Java SE
Pack200 .UnpackerThe unpacker engine converts the packed stream to a JAR file.Interfacejava.util.jar.Pack200Java SE Trails Trails
Attribute Trails
Attribute .HolderBase class for any attributed object (Class, Field, Method, Code) Trails
Attribute .LayoutA "class" of attributes, characterized by a context-type, name and Trails
Attribute Trails Trails
BandStructure .ByteCounterAn output stream which counts the number of bytes Trails Trails
ClassReader Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
CodingChooser Trails
CodingChooser Trails Trails Trails
ConstantPool Trails
ConstantPool Trails
ConstantPool .EntryEntries in the constant Trails
ConstantPool .IndexAn Index is a mapping between CP entries and small Trails
ConstantPool .IndexGroupCoherent group of constant pool Trails
ConstantPool Trails
ConstantPool Trails
ConstantPool Trails
ConstantPool Trails
ConstantPool Trails
ConstantPool Trails Trails