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#Java.util.prefs Classes and Interfaces - 9 results found.
AbstractPreferencesThis class provides a skeletal implementation of the Preferences class, greatly easing the task of implementing it.Classjava.util.prefsJava SE
BackingStoreExceptionThrown to indicate that a preferences operation could not complete because of a failure in the backing store, or a failure to contact the backingClassjava.util.prefsJava SE
InvalidPreferencesFormatExceptionThrown to indicate that an operation could not complete because the input did not conform to the appropriate XML document typeClassjava.util.prefsJava SE
NodeChangeEventAn event emitted by a Preferences node to indicate that a child of that node has been added or removed.Classjava.util.prefsJava SE
NodeChangeListenerA listener for receiving preference node change events.Interfacejava.util.prefsJava SE
PreferenceChangeEventAn event emitted by a Preferences node to indicate that a preference has been added, removed or has had its value changed.Classjava.util.prefsJava SE
PreferencesA node in a hierarchical collection of preference data.Classjava.util.prefsJava SE
PreferenceChangeListenerA listener for receiving preference change events.Interfacejava.util.prefsJava SE
PreferencesFactoryA factory object that generates Preferences objects.Interfacejava.util.prefsJava SE