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#Javafx.scene.control.TableColumn Classes and Interfaces - 5 results found.
TableColumnA TableView is made up of a number of TableColumn instances.Classjavafx.scene.controlJava FX
TableColumn .CellDataFeaturesA support class used in TableColumn as a wrapper class to provide all necessary information for a particular Cell.Classjavafx.scene.control.TableColumnJava FX
TableColumn .CellEditEventAn event that is fired when a user performs an edit on a table cell.Classjavafx.scene.control.TableColumnJava FX
TableColumn .SortTypeColumn will be sorted in an ascending order.Classjavafx.scene.control.TableColumnJava FX
TableColumnBaseTable-like controls (such as TableView and TreeTableView) are made up of zero or more instances of a concrete TableColumnBase subclass Classjavafx.scene.controlJava FX