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#Javax.jcr.nodetype Classes and Interfaces - 14 results found.
ConstraintViolationExceptionException thrown when an action would violate a constraint on repository structure.Classjavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
InvalidNodeTypeDefinitionExceptionException thrown when an attempt is made to register an invalid node type definition template.Classjavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
ItemDefinitionSuperclass of NodeDefinition and PropertyDefinition.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NodeDefinitionA node definition.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NodeDefinitionTemplateThe NodeDefinitionTemplate interface extends NodeDefinition with the addition of write methods, enabling theInterfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NodeTypeA NodeType object represents a "live" node type that is registered in the repository.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NodeTypeDefinitionThe NodeTypeDefinition interface provides methods for discovering the static definition of a node type.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NodeTypeExistsExceptionException thrown when an attempt is made to register a node type that already exists, and allowUpdate has not been set to true.Classjavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NodeTypeIteratorAn iterator for NodeType objects.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NodeTypeManagerAllows for the retrieval and (in implementations that support it) the registration of node types.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NodeTypeTemplateThe NodeTypeTemplate interface is used to define node types which are then registered through the NodeTypeManager.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NoSuchNodeTypeExceptionException thrown by node type-related methods.Classjavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
PropertyDefinitionA property definition.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
PropertyDefinitionTemplateThe PropertyDefinitionTemplate interface extends PropertyDefinition with the addition of write methods, enablingInterfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR