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#Javax.jcr.observation Classes and Interfaces - 6 results found.
EventAn event fired by the observation mechanism.Interfacejavax.jcr.observationJCR
EventIteratorAllows easy iteration through a list of Events with nextEvent as well as a skip method inherited fromInterfacejavax.jcr.observationJCR
EventJournalAn EventJournal is an extension of EventIterator that provides the additional method skipTo(long).Interfacejavax.jcr.observationJCR
EventListener An EventListener can be registered via the ObservationManager object.Interfacejavax.jcr.observationJCR
EventListenerIteratorAllows easy iteration through a list of EventListeners with nextEventListener as well as a skip methodInterfacejavax.jcr.observationJCR
ObservationManagerThe ObservationManager object.Interfacejavax.jcr.observationJCR