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#Javax.microedition.lcdui Classes and Interfaces - 32 results found.
AlertAn alert is a screen that shows data to the user and waits for a certain period of time before proceeding to the nextClassjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
AlertTypeThe AlertType provides an indication of the nature Alerts are used by an application to presentClassjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
CanvasThe Canvas class is a base class for writing applications that need toClassjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
ChoiceChoice defines an API for a user interface components implementing selection from predefined number of choices.Interfacejavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
ChoiceGroupA ChoiceGroup is a group of selectable elements intended to be Form.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
CommandThe Command class is a construct that encapsulates the semantic information of an action.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
CommandListenerThis interface is used by applications which need to receive high-level events from the implementation.Interfacejavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
CustomItemA CustomItem is customizable by subclassing to introduce new visual and interactive elements into Forms.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
DateFieldA DateField is an editable component for presenting date and time (calendar)Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
DisplayDisplay represents the manager of the display and input devices of theClassjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
DisplayableAn object that has the capability of being placed on the display.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
FontThe Font class represents fonts and font metrics.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
FormA Form is a Screen that contains an arbitrary mixture of items: images,Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
GameCanvasThe GameCanvas class provides the basis for a game user interface.Classjavax.microedition.lcdui.gameJava ME
Gauge value.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
GraphicsProvides simple 2D geometric rendering capability.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
ImageThe Image class is used to hold graphical image objects exist independently of the display device.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
ImageItemAn item that can contain an image.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
ItemA superclass for components that can be added to a Form.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
ItemCommandListenerA listener type for receiving notification of commands that have been invoked on Item objects.Interfacejavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
ItemStateListenerThis interface is used by applications which need to receive events that indicate changes in the internalInterfacejavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
LayerA Layer is an abstract class representing a visual element of a game.Classjavax.microedition.lcdui.gameJava ME
LayerManagerThe LayerManager manages a series of Layers.Classjavax.microedition.lcdui.gameJava ME
ListA Screen containing list of choices.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
ScreenThe common superclass of all high-level user interface classes.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
SpacerA blank, non-interactive item that has a settable minimum size.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
SpriteA Sprite is a basic visual element that can be rendered with one of several frames stored in an Image; different frames can be shown to Classjavax.microedition.lcdui.gameJava ME
StringItemAn item that can contain a string.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
TextBoxThe TextBox class is a Screen that allows the user to enter and editClassjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
TextFieldA TextField is an editable text component that may be given a piece of text that is used as the initial value.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
Ticker continuously across the display.Classjavax.microedition.lcduiJava ME
TiledLayerA TiledLayer is a visual element composed of a grid of cells that can be filled with a set ofClassjavax.microedition.lcdui.gameJava ME