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ControlA Control object is used to control some media processing functions.Interfacejavax.microedition.mediaJava ME
ControllableControllable provides an interface for obtaining the Controls from an object Interfacejavax.microedition.mediaJava ME
ManagerManager is the access point for obtaining system dependent resources such as PlayersClassjavax.microedition.mediaJava ME
MediaExceptionA MediaException indicates an unexpected error condition in a method.Classjavax.microedition.mediaJava ME
PlayerPlayer controls the rendering of time based media data.Interfacejavax.microedition.mediaJava ME
PlayerListenerPlayerListener is the interface for receiving events generated by Players.Interfacejavax.microedition.mediaJava ME
ToneControlToneControl is the interface to enable playback of a user-defined monotonic tone ME
VolumeControlVolumeControl is an interface for manipulating the audio volume of a ME