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#Javax.xml.catalog Classes and Interfaces - 8 results found.
CatalogExceptionThe exception class handles errors that may happen while processing or usingSince:9See Also:Serialized FormClassjavax.xml.catalogJava SE
CatalogFeaturesThe CatalogFeatures holds a collection of features and properties.Classjavax.xml.catalogJava SE
CatalogFeatures .BuilderThe Builder class for building the CatalogFeatures object.Classjavax.xml.catalog.CatalogFeaturesJava SE
CatalogManagerThe Catalog Manager manages the creation of XML Catalogs and Catalog Resolvers.Classjavax.xml.catalogJava SE
CatalogFeatures .FeatureA Feature type as defined in the Catalog Features table.Classjavax.xml.catalog.CatalogFeaturesJava SE
CatalogThe Catalog class represents an entity Catalog as defined by XML Catalogs, OASIS Standard V1.Interfacejavax.xml.catalogJava SE
CatalogResolverA SAX EntityResolver that uses catalogs to resolve references.Interfacejavax.xml.catalogJava SE
CatalogUriResolverA JAXP URIResolver that uses catalogs to resolve references.Interfacejavax.xml.catalogJava SE