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#Javax.xml.registry.infomodel Classes and Interfaces - 27 results found.
AssociationA RegistryObject instance may be associated with zero or more RegistryObject instances.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
AuditableEventAuditableEvent instances provide a long term record of events that effect a change of state in a RegistryObject.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
ClassificationThe Classification interface is used to classify RegistryObject instances.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
ClassificationSchemeA ClassificationScheme instance represents a taxonomy that may be used to classify or categorize RegistryObject instances.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
ConceptThe Concept interface is used to represent taxonomy elements and their structural relationship with each other in order to describe an internal taxonomy.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
EmailAddressRepresents an email address.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
ExtensibleObjectAn ExtensibleObject is one that allows itself to be extended by utilizing dynamically added Slots that add arbitrary attributes to the object on a Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
ExternalIdentifierExternalIdentifier instances provide the additional identifier information to RegistryObjects such as DUNS number, Social Security Number, or an alias Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
ExternalLinkExternalLink instances model a named URI to content that may reside outside RegistryObject may be associated with any number of ExternalLinks to annotate Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
ExtrinsicObjectExtrinsicObjects provide metadata that describes submitted content whose type is not intrinsically known to the registry and therefore must be Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
InternationalStringThis interface represents a String that has been internationalized into several Locales.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
KeyRepresents a unique key that identifies a RegistryObject.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
LocalizedStringThis interface is used as a simple wrapper interface that associates a String with its Locale.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
OrganizationOrganization instances provide information on organizations such as a Submitting Organization.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
PersonNameRepresents a person's name.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
PostalAddressPostalAddress is a simple re-usable entity class that defines attributes of a postal Address.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
RegistryEntryThe RegistryEntry interface is a base interface for interfaces in the model that require additional metadata beyond what is provided by the RegistryObject interface.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
RegistryObjectThe RegistryObject class is an abstract base class used by most classes in the model.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
RegistryPackageRegistryPackage instances are RegistryEntries that group logically related RegistryEntries together.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
ServiceService instances are RegistryObjects that provide information on services (for example, web services) offered by an Organization.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
ServiceBindingServiceBinding instances are RegistryObjects that represent technical information on a specific way to access a specific interface offered by a Service instance.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
SlotSlot instances provide a dynamic way to add arbitrary attributes to RegistryObject instances.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
SpecificationLinkA SpecificationLink provides the linkage between a ServiceBinding and one of its technical specifications that describes how to use the service using the ServiceBinding.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
TelephoneNumberA simple re-usable entity class that defines attributes of a telephone number.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
URIValidatorDefines common behavior expected of any class that validates URIs.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
UserUser instances are RegistryObjects that are used to provide information about registered users within the registry.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE
VersionableThe Versionable interface defines the behavior common to classes that are capable of creating versions of their instances.Interfacejavax.xml.registry.infomodelJava EE