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AttributeAn interface that contains information about an SE
CharactersThis describes the interface to Characters SE
CommentAn interface for comment SE
DTDThis is the top level interface for events dealing with SE
EventReaderDelegateThis is the base class for deriving an XMLEventReader This class is designed to sit between an XMLEventReader and SE
EndDocumentA marker interface for the end of the SE
EndElementAn interface for the end element SE
EntityDeclarationAn interface for handling Entity Declarations This interface is used to record and report unparsed entity SE
EntityReferenceAn interface for handling Entity SE
EventFilterThis interface declares a simple filter interface that one can create to filter XMLEventReadersInterfacejavax.xml.streamJava SE
FactoryConfigurationErrorAn error class for reporting factory configuration errors.Classjavax.xml.streamJava SE
LocationProvides information on the location of an event.Interfacejavax.xml.streamJava SE
NamespaceAn interface that contains information about a SE
NotationDeclarationAn interface for handling Notation Declarations Receive notification of a notation declaration SE
ProcessingInstructionAn interface that describes the data found in processing SE
StreamReaderDelegateThis is the base class for deriving an XMLStreamReader filter This class is designed to sit between an XMLStreamReader and SE
StartDocumentAn interface for the start document SE
StartElementThe StartElement interface provides access to information about start SE
StreamFilterThis interface declares a simple filter interface that one can create to filter XMLStreamReadersInterfacejavax.xml.streamJava SE
XMLEventFactoryThis interface defines a utility class for creating instances ofSince:1.Classjavax.xml.streamJava SE
XMLInputFactoryDefines an abstract implementation of a factory for getting streams.Classjavax.xml.streamJava SE
XMLOutputFactoryDefines an abstract implementation of a factory for getting XMLEventWriters and XMLStreamWriters.Classjavax.xml.streamJava SE
XMLStreamExceptionThe base exception for unexpected processing errors.Classjavax.xml.streamJava SE
XMLEventThis is the base event interface for handling markup SE
XMLEventAllocatorThis interface defines a class that allows a user to register a way to allocate events given an SE
XMLEventConsumerThis interface defines an event consumer SE
XMLEventReaderThis is the top level interface for parsing XML Events.Interfacejavax.xml.streamJava SE
XMLEventWriterThis is the top level interface for writing XML documents.Interfacejavax.xml.streamJava SE
XMLReporterThis interface is used to report non-fatal errors.Interfacejavax.xml.streamJava SE
XMLResolverThis interface is used to resolve resources during an XML parse.Interfacejavax.xml.streamJava SE
XMLStreamConstantsThis interface declares the constants used in this API.Interfacejavax.xml.streamJava SE
XMLStreamReaderThe XMLStreamReader interface allows forward, read-only access to XML.Interfacejavax.xml.streamJava SE
XMLStreamWriterThe XMLStreamWriter interface specifies how to write XML.Interfacejavax.xml.streamJava SE
AttributeFields inherited from interface Xerces
CharactersFields inherited from interface Xerces
CommentFields inherited from interface Xerces
DTDFields inherited from interface Xerces
EndDocumentFields inherited from interface Xerces
EndElementFields inherited from interface Xerces
EntityDeclarationFields inherited from interface Xerces
EntityReferenceFields inherited from interface Xerces Xerces
FactoryConfigurationErrorSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryFactoryConfigurationError()Classjavax.xml.streamApache Xerces
LocationInterfacejavax.xml.streamApache Xerces
NamespaceFields inherited from interface Xerces
NotationDeclarationFields inherited from interface Xerces
ProcessingInstructionFields inherited from interface Xerces
StartDocumentFields inherited from interface Xerces
StartElementFields inherited from interface Xerces
StreamFilterInterfacejavax.xml.streamApache Xerces
StreamReaderDelegateFields inherited from interface Xerces
XMLEventFields inherited from interface Xerces Xerces Xerces
XMLEventFactoryClassjavax.xml.streamApache Xerces
XMLEventReaderInterfacejavax.xml.streamApache Xerces
XMLEventWriterInterfacejavax.xml.streamApache Xerces
XMLInputFactoryClassjavax.xml.streamApache Xerces
XMLOutputFactoryClassjavax.xml.streamApache Xerces
XMLReporterInterfacejavax.xml.streamApache Xerces
XMLResolverInterfacejavax.xml.streamApache Xerces
XMLStreamConstantsInterfacejavax.xml.streamApache Xerces
XMLStreamExceptionClassjavax.xml.streamApache Xerces
XMLStreamReaderFields inherited from interface javax.Interfacejavax.xml.streamApache Xerces
XMLStreamWriterInterfacejavax.xml.streamApache Xerces