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AbstractCalculatorA abstract implementation for a calculator with property initialization.Classlnb.util.calculatorLNB
AbstractMediatorThe abstract mediator implements some useful notifying methods.Classlnb.util.mediatorLNB
AbstractTreeModelAbstract tree model as base for tree model implementations.Classlnb.utilLNB
AbstractUndoableAbstract implementation for basic undoable handlers.Classlnb.util.undoLNB
ActionAndChangeDelegatorDelegator for action and change events.Classlnb.utilLNB
ActionListenableInterface for objects casting action events.Interfacelnb.utilLNB
ArrayUtilContains utility methods for arrays and lists.Classlnb.utilLNB
AssignableInterface for objects allowing value assignment.Interfacelnb.utilLNB
AssignUtilStatic methods to assign the objects values of one object to another.Classlnb.utilLNB
AsyncUpdater Multimediales Lernnetz Bauphysik (lnb) Copyright (C) 2002-2013 HfT StuttgartClasslnb.utilLNB
AutoBoundsGraphics Multimediales Lernnetz Bauphysik (lnb) Copyright (C) 2002-2013 fbta / HfT / Arne AbromeitClasslnb.util.svgLNB
Base64CompressorUtility for decoding, compressing and uncompressing base64 data.Classlnb.utilLNB
Base64ImageContains utitlity methods for converting images to and from base 64 encoded image data.Classlnb.utilLNB
BasicDropSupportEnables drop support of images, files and text to components.Classlnb.utilLNB
BasicDropSupport .BasicDropListenerInterfacelnb.utilLNB
BasicHtmlParserA basic html parser.Classlnb.utilLNB
BasicHtmlParser .TagClasslnb.utilLNB
BasicMediatorA basic implementation of a mediator.Classlnb.util.mediatorLNB
BasicMenuActionA simple action implementation for menu items.Classlnb.utilLNB
CacheFileManagerManages downloaded files in folders.Classlnb.utilLNB
CalculatorInterface for basic value calculation and transformation.Interfacelnb.util.calculatorLNB
Calculator .CombineInterfacelnb.util.calculatorLNB
Calculator .StraightInterfacelnb.util.calculatorLNB
Calculator .TransformInterfacelnb.util.calculatorLNB
CascadedStateObserverState event observer combining multiple state event sequences to one sequence.Classlnb.utilLNB
ChangeListenableInterface for objects offering a state change support.Interfacelnb.utilLNB
ClipboardUtilContains utility methods for easy clipboard access.Classlnb.utilLNB
ClipboardUtil .CustomTransferDataCustom transferable for custom data.Classlnb.utilLNB
CloneableItemInterface for cloneable items.Interfacelnb.utilLNB
CloseableZipFileA zipfile implementing the Closeable interface.Classlnb.utilLNB
ColleagueInterface for colleagues listening to a mediator.Interfacelnb.util.mediatorLNB
ColorQuantizeAn efficient color quantization algorithm, adapted from the C++ implementation quantize.Classlnb.utilLNB
CompareUtilUtility methods for object comparisons.Classlnb.utilLNB
ComponentUpdateHandlerHelper to handle concurrent component changes like resizing.Classlnb.utilLNB
ComponentUtilUtility methods for container and container tree manipulations.Classlnb.utilLNB
CompoundIconAn icon compounding several icons to one icon.Classlnb.utilLNB
ConcurrentUpdateHandlerHandles a a series of updates or events to handle as one.Classlnb.utilLNB
ContextMenuUtilsUtility class to add contextual menu support to components easily.Classlnb.utilLNB
ContextMenuUtils .PopupListenerPopup listener to set the popup visible on the appropriate mouse event.Classlnb.utilLNB
ContextualHelpSupportUtilitity class to add contextual help support to graphical components.Classlnb.utilLNB
ContextualHelpSupport .CtxHelpContentClasslnb.utilLNB
ControlledValueClass for central values which need to be initialized costly.Classlnb.utilLNB
ControlledValue .DefaultControllerA basic value controller using a fixed initial value.Classlnb.utilLNB
ControlledValue .ValueControllerInterfacelnb.utilLNB
CustomMementoA basic custom memento.Classlnb.util.undoLNB
CustomObjectNode Multimediales Lernnetz Bauphysik (lnb) Copyright (C) 2002-2013 fbta.Classlnb.utilLNB
DateTimeDate and time conversion for weather data, solar time and more.Classlnb.utilLNB
DefaultIcons Multimediales Lernnetz Bauphysik (lnb) Copyright (C) 2002-2015 Arne AbromeitClasslnb.utilLNB
DefaultIconTitleObjectAn implementation of an icon title object for custom data wrapping.Classlnb.utilLNB
DefaultMementoBasic implementation for an undo and redo memento.Classlnb.util.undoLNB
DelegateActionAn LnbAction for delegating to an other action.Classlnb.utilLNB
DelegateMementoMemento for delegating events to other undoables.Classlnb.util.undoLNB
DimensioningRendererA very simple dimensioning renderer.Classlnb.utilLNB
DrawMaskSupportOffers support for mask drawing to any components.Classlnb.util.maskLNB
DrawMaskSupport .DrawMaskCallbackInterfacelnb.util.maskLNB
EDTHelper class to access the Swing UI Thread (EDT) more easily.Classlnb.utilLNB
ElementMetadata Multimediales Lernnetz Bauphysik (lnb) Copyright (C) 2002-2013 fbta.Classlnb.util.soapLNB
ElementSOAPClientThe element soap client adds functions for learning elements and metadata access to the default ILIAS soap client.Classlnb.util.soapLNB
ExifUtilThe exif util is a compact utility to read exif informations from images.Classlnb.utilLNB
ExtendedIliasItemILIAS object wrapper containing more detailed item informations.Classlnb.util.soapLNB
ExtendedImageAn extended buffered image with additional header informations.Classlnb.utilLNB
FavouritesListList of favourits for diverse purposes.Classlnb.utilLNB
FileStreamContainerA stream container object using the file system.Classlnb.utilLNB
FileUtilContains utility methods for files.Classlnb.utilLNB
FixedSizeIconThe fixed size icon can be used to create same sized icons for images or other icons with variing size.Classlnb.utilLNB
FreeHandStrokeA stroke like painted using a pencil.Classlnb.util.graphicsLNB
GeometrySimplifierUtility class to create a simplified geometry from a more complex geometry.Classlnb.util.geomLNB
GeomUtilContains static methods for point and vector calculations and for basic 2d geometry operations.Classlnb.util.geomLNB
GestureUtilUtility to connect to system gestures like OSX gestures.Classlnb.utilLNB
GestureUtil .GestureListenerInterfacelnb.utilLNB
GraphicsUtilUtility methods for renderung.Classlnb.utilLNB
HistogramPainter Multimediales Lernnetz Bauphysik (lnb) Copyright (C) 2002-2013 fbta.Classlnb.utilLNB
IconLoader Multimediales Lernnetz Bauphysik (lnb) Copyright (C) 2002-2013 fbta.Classlnb.utilLNB
IconTitleObjectAbstract class for objects with title and symbol like categories.Classlnb.utilLNB
IconUtilContains utility methods for icons.Classlnb.utilLNB
IliasConstantsContains ILIAS constants for meta data types and ILIAS object types.Interfacelnb.util.soapLNB
IliasItemBasic ILIAS item wrapper object.Classlnb.util.soapLNB
IliasItemNodeAn hierachical ILIAS object wrapper containing detailed node informations and Multimediales Lernnetz Bauphysik (lnb)Classlnb.util.soapLNB
IliasObjectsImportExportA helper class for importing and exporting ILIAS objects.Classlnb.util.soapLNB
IliasSOAPClient .IlOperationClasslnb.util.soapLNB
IliasSOAPClient .IlUserDataClasslnb.util.soapLNB
Image3dImage3d ist eine Graphik-Komponente mit deren Hilfe es moeglich ist, einfache dreidimensionale Graphiken zu erstellen.Classlnb.utilLNB
ImageTransferDataTransferable image data for drag and drop and copy to clipboard.Classlnb.utilLNB
ImageUtilUtility methods for image drawing.Classlnb.utilLNB
InvokeActionUtility action to delegate an action event to a method declared on an invoker.Classlnb.utilLNB
IOUtilContains utility methods for stream input and output.Classlnb.utilLNB
JavaReflectUtilUtility methods for java class reflection.Classlnb.utilLNB
KeyStrokeUtilStatic utility methods for testing key codes.Classlnb.utilLNB
LafUtilContains utilitiy methods for the LNB Look & Feel.Classlnb.utilLNB
LayoutUtilContains utility methods for container layout manager like GridBagLagout.Classlnb.utilLNB
ListenerUtilUtility methods for event handling.Classlnb.utilLNB
ListUtilContains utility methods for list operations.Classlnb.utilLNB
LnbActionAbstract action as base for all other actions.Classlnb.utilLNB
LnbAction .ButtonActionPropertyChangeListenerAction listener for buttons (Button, Radio, Checkbox, Menu .Classlnb.utilLNB
LnbActionListList to manage actions.Classlnb.utilLNB
LnbStrokeInterface for Lernnetz strokes.Interfacelnb.util.graphicsLNB
LnbUtilitiesContains common helpful utility methods.Classlnb.utilLNB
LocalizableComponentInterface for components using a localized text and a tooltip description.Interfacelnb.utilLNB
LocalizedNamedInterface for displaying item titles multilingual.Interfacelnb.utilLNB
LocalizeUtilStatic utility methods for component and content localization.Classlnb.utilLNB
LocationGeographic location on earth.Classlnb.utilLNB
LocationList Multimediales Lernnetz Bauphysik (lnb) Copyright (C) 2002-2013 fbta.Classlnb.utilLNB
LocationList .LocationDistanceLocation and distance object.Classlnb.utilLNB
LogarithmicCalculatorConverts values to a logarithmic scale.Classlnb.util.calculatorLNB
LookAndFeelUtil Multimediales Lernnetz Bauphysik (lnb) Copyright (C) 2002-2014 Arne AbromeitClasslnb.utilLNB
MapScaleIcon and renderer for scales on maps.Classlnb.utilLNB
MapUtilContains static utility methods for maps.Classlnb.utilLNB
MediatorInterface for mediators.Interfacelnb.util.mediatorLNB
MediatorEventEvent for mediator events, messages and commands.Classlnb.util.mediatorLNB
MementoInterface for undo and redo mementos.Interfacelnb.util.undoLNB
MemoryUtilEstimates the memory usage for an object.Classlnb.utilLNB
MetadataPropertyKeys Multimediales Lernnetz Bauphysik (lnb) Copyright (C) 2002-2013 fbta.Interfacelnb.utilLNB
MimeTypesContains constants for some useful mime types.Interfacelnb.utilLNB
MouseWheelHandlerHelper class to handle concurrent mouse wheel events.Classlnb.utilLNB
MultiUnitAccessA central unit definition for serveral purpuses.Classlnb.utilLNB
NorthArrowA simple north arrow for indication the north direction in plan views.Classlnb.utilLNB
ObjectPairPair of typeable objects.Classlnb.utilLNB
ObjectQuadCombination class for four typeable objects.Classlnb.utilLNB
ObjectTripleCombination class for three typeable objects.Classlnb.utilLNB
OrientationsReturns localized azimuth orientation letter text.Classlnb.utilLNB
OSUtilContains utility methods and flags to for the operating system.Classlnb.utilLNB
PolygonSplitUtilStatic methods for splitting polygons into simple polygons and triangles.Classlnb.util.geomLNB
PolygonUtilContains utiltity methods for numerical area calculation on polygons.Classlnb.util.geomLNB
PreferredLocalesClass to manage preferred locales for multilingual applications.Classlnb.utilLNB
PrintStreamLoggerSimple logger to write logging to a print stream.Classlnb.utilLNB
RamerDouglasPeuckerSimplifier Multimediales Lernnetz Bauphysik (lnb) Copyright (C) 2002-2014 fbta / HfT / Arne AbromeitClasslnb.util.geomLNB
ReferenceListA reference list of objects.Classlnb.utilLNB
ReferenceMapMap for weak or soft referenced values.Classlnb.utilLNB
RelativeDateFormatClass to format dates in relative format to the current day and time.Classlnb.utilLNB
ResourceLoaderStatic methods for loading resource like icons, images and cursors.Classlnb.utilLNB
SankeyShapeCreates basic Sankey diagrams.Classlnb.utilLNB
SearchIndexUtilContains helpful methods to create basic indices for values.Classlnb.utilLNB
SelectionUtilUtility methods for handling selections.Classlnb.utilLNB
SerializeUtilHelpful static methods for serializing and unsierializing objects.Classlnb.utilLNB
ShapeSymbolStatic class to create line shapes with end symbols.Classlnb.utilLNB
ShapeUtilContains utility methods for shape creation.Classlnb.utilLNB
ShapeUtil .MainShapeA main shape containing subshapes.Classlnb.utilLNB
ShapeUtil .ShapePointIteratorIterator for path points.Interfacelnb.utilLNB
SoapConnectionA simple soap client connection.Classlnb.util.soapLNB
SoapConnection .SoapParamClasslnb.util.soapLNB
SoftCacheMapA map using soft references and a decay time for values.Classlnb.utilLNB
SolarInfoCalculates sun positions, sun rise and sunset times.Classlnb.utilLNB
SoundAbsorptionAcoustic sound absorption.Classlnb.utilLNB
StateEventLoad event for download and upload of any data.Classlnb.utilLNB
StateObserverEvent listener to observe load processes (upload and download).Interfacelnb.utilLNB
StreamContainerInterface for objects containing streams.Interfacelnb.utilLNB
StringUtilStatic utility methods for strings and for string conversion from or to diverse array and collection types.Classlnb.utilLNB
SVGImageConverterConverts an svg image to a buffered image.Classlnb.util.svgLNB
SVGRendererRenderer to render graphics to an svg image.Classlnb.util.svgLNB
TCPIPUtilUtil for ip restriction checking and device searching by ip.Classlnb.utilLNB
ThreadControlledValue Multimediales Lernnetz Bauphysik (lnb) Copyright (C) 2002-2013 fbta.Classlnb.utilLNB
ThreadUtilUtility methods for multithreaded method execution.Classlnb.utilLNB
TimeoutReaderA stream reader allowing a timeout.Classlnb.utilLNB
TinyComparableInterface for objects using comparision with a tiny deviation.Interfacelnb.utilLNB
TitleDescObjectAbstract class for objects with localized title and a description like quantities.Classlnb.utilLNB
TitledObjectAbstract class for objects with localized title like quantities.Classlnb.utilLNB
ToolButtonIconueberschrift: Komponenten Beschreibung: Hilfs-KomponentenClasslnb.utilLNB
TooltipUtilContains helpful methods for tooltips.Classlnb.utilLNB
TransformPathIteratorTransformed path iterator to reverse order, extract a path or change the winding rule.Classlnb.utilLNB
TransparencyFilterFilter for creating a transparent image.Classlnb.utilLNB
TriangulationUtilsUtility routines for triangulating arbitrary polygons.Classlnb.util.geomLNB
UIUtilUtility methods for UI-access.Classlnb.utilLNB
UndoableInterface for undo and redo operations.Interfacelnb.util.undoLNB
UndoableActionAbstract implementation for an action allowing undo and redo.Classlnb.utilLNB
UndoActionAction for undo and redo operations.Classlnb.util.undoLNB
UndoManagerManages undo and redo lists.Classlnb.util.undoLNB
URLStreamLoaderURL stream loader to load data from an url using a cache folder.Classlnb.utilLNB
ValueFormatterA formatter for values using dynamic multipliers and units.Classlnb.utilLNB
VerticalFlowLayoutLayout manager for arranging components vertically.Classlnb.utilLNB
VirtualObjectTypesContains static method for virtual object types.Classlnb.util.soapLNB
WandMaskTool for detecting edges in images for mask creation.Classlnb.util.maskLNB
WatchDog Multimediales Lernnetz Bauphysik (lnb) Copyright (C) 2002-2014 fbta / HfT / Arne AbromeitClasslnb.utilLNB
WeatherLocation Multimediales Lernnetz Bauphysik (lnb) Copyright (C) 2002-2014 fbta / HfT / Arne AbromeitClasslnb.utilLNB
WindowUtilUtility for showing windows and frames with save window locations and sizes.Classlnb.utilLNB
WobbleStrokeA wobbled stroke.Classlnb.util.graphicsLNB
XMLUtilUtility methods for reading, writing, creation of XML documents and nodes.Classlnb.util.xmlLNB
XMLValueUtilStatic methods to read values from XML nodes.Classlnb.util.xmlLNB
XMLWriterAbstract base class for xml writer classes.Classlnb.util.xmlLNB
XYMouseWheelEventMouse wheel event with additional delta X and delta Y information for twodimensional mouse events.Classlnb.utilLNB
ZigZagStrokeA zig zag stroke.Classlnb.util.graphicsLNB
ZipStreamContainerA stream container for ZIP-streams and ZIP-files.Classlnb.utilLNB