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#Mongodb.selector Classes and Interfaces - 7 results found.
CompositeServerSelectorA server selector that composes a list of server selectors, and selects the servers by iterating through the list from start to finish, passing the result of the previous into the next, and finally returning the result of the last one.Classmongodb.selectorMongoDB NoSQL
LatencyMinimizingServerSelectorA server selector that accepts only servers within the given ping-time latency difference from the faster of the servers.Classmongodb.selectorMongoDB NoSQL
PrimaryServerSelectorA server selector that chooses servers that are primaries.Classmongodb.selectorMongoDB NoSQL
ReadPreferenceServerSelectorA server selector that chooses based on a read preference.Classmongodb.selectorMongoDB NoSQL
ServerAddressSelectorA server selector that chooses a server that matches the server address.Classmongodb.selectorMongoDB NoSQL
ServerSelectorAn interface for selecting a server from a cluster according some preference.Interfacemongodb.selectorMongoDB NoSQL
WritableServerSelectorA server selector that chooses servers that are writable.Classmongodb.selectorMongoDB NoSQL