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BasicUntrustedObjectSecurityContextA basic trust verifier context element that provides a security context to use to restrict privileges when invoking methods on untrustedClassnet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )
DynamicPolicyInterface implemented by security policy providers that may support dynamic granting of permissions at run-time.Interfacenet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )
DynamicPolicyProviderSecurity policy provider that supports dynamic granting of permissions at run-time.Classnet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )
PolicyFileProviderSecurity policy provider that wraps the J2SE(TM) default PolicyFile security policy provider distributed as part of theClassnet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )
PolicyInitializationExceptionException indicating failed initialization of a security policy provider.Classnet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )
ProxyTrustDefines a remote interface for obtaining a proxy trust verifier.Interfacenet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )
ProxyTrustExporterContains the information necessary to export a remote object that has a proxy that will not directly be considered trusted by clients, such thatClassnet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )
ProxyTrustInvocationHandlerInvocation handler for remote objects, supporting proxy trust verification by clients using ProxyTrustVerifier.Classnet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )
ProxyTrustIteratorDefines an iterator that produces objects from which a TrustVerifier might be obtained.Interfacenet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )
ProxyTrustVerifierTrust verifier for service proxies that use dynamically downloaded code.Classnet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )
SecurityContextSourceInterface that a security manager or policy provider can optionally implement in order to support the saving and restoring of custom securityInterfacenet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )
ServerProxyTrustDefines a local interface to obtain a proxy trust verifier.Interfacenet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )
SingletonProxyTrustIteratorA simple ProxyTrustIterator that produces a single object as the only element of the iteration.Classnet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )
TrustEquivalenceDefines an interface for checking that an object (that is not yet known to be trusted) is equivalent in trust, content, and function to a knownInterfacenet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )
UmbrellaGrantPermissionPermission that is specially intepreted by PolicyFileProvider as shorthand for a GrantPermissionClassnet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )
UntrustedObjectSecurityContextA trust verifier context element that provides a security context to use to restrict privileges when invoking methods on untrusted objects.Interfacenet.jini.securityApache River ( Jini )