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#Net.phys2d.raw Classes and Interfaces - 58 results found.
AngleJointA joint that constrains the angle two bodies can be at in relation to each other.Classnet.phys2d.rawPhys2D
BasicJointA joint between two bodies.Classnet.phys2d.rawPhys2D
BodyListA typed list of BodyConstructor SummaryBodyList()Classnet.phys2d.rawPhys2D
BoxA simple box in the engine - defined by a width and heightFields inherited from class net.Classnet.phys2d.raw.shapesPhys2D
BoxBoxColliderThe implementation of box to box collision.Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
BoxCircleColliderA collider for boxes hitting circles.Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
BroadCollisionStrategyA description of any strategy for determining which bodies should be compared against each other for collision - some times referred toInterfacenet.phys2d.rawPhys2D
BruteCollisionStrategyBrute force collision.Classnet.phys2d.raw.strategiesPhys2D
CircleA simple Circle within the simulation, defined by its radius and the position of the body to which it belongsClassnet.phys2d.raw.shapesPhys2D
CircleBoxColliderA collider for circles hitting boxes, Circle = BodyA, Box = BodyB The create() method is used as a factory incase this class shouldClassnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
CircleCircleColliderA collider for circle 2 circle collisions The create() method is used as a factory just in case this Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
CollideA static utility for resolve the collision between shapes TODO: make this nonstatic to allow a user to provide his/her own factoryClassnet.phys2d.rawPhys2D
ColliderThe description of any geometry collision resolver.Interfacenet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
ColliderFactoryA collider factory to create colliders for arbitrary bodies, or actually their shapes.Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
ColliderUnavailableExceptionAn exception that is thrown by the ColliderFactory when no suitable collider has been found.Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
CollisionContextThe description of a class which can compute the collisions of a set of bodies.Interfacenet.phys2d.rawPhys2D
CollisionListenerA description of class that can recieve notifications of collisions within a CollisionSpaceInterfacenet.phys2d.rawPhys2D
ConstrainingJointA joint which only applys forces when the bodie's attempt to get too far apart, as suggested by Jesse on:Classnet.phys2d.rawPhys2D
ContactA description of a single contact point between two bodiesConstructor SummaryContact()Classnet.phys2d.rawPhys2D
ConvexPolygonClass representing a convex and closed polygon as a list of vertices in counterclockwise order.Classnet.phys2d.raw.shapesPhys2D
DynamicShapeA tagging interface used for shapes which the current implementation can use for dynamic bodies - i.Interfacenet.phys2d.raw.shapesPhys2D
EdgeSweep two polygons.Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
ElasticJointA joint between two bodies.Classnet.phys2d.rawPhys2D
FeaturePairAn identifier for a pair of edges between two bodies.Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
FixedJointA joint between two bodies.Classnet.phys2d.rawPhys2D
IntersectionClass representing a single intersection.Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
IntersectionGathererThis is a very important class for collision detection between polygons for several reasons:Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
JointListA typed list of type JointConstructor SummaryJointList()Classnet.phys2d.rawPhys2D
LineImplemenation of a bunch of maths functions to do with lines.Classnet.phys2d.raw.shapesPhys2D
LineBoxColliderThe logic for checking lines against boxesConstructor SummaryLineBoxCollider()Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
LineCircleColliderCollision routines betwene a circle and a line.Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
LineLineColliderCollides two lines with oneanother.Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
LinePolygonColliderCollider for a Line and a Convex Polygon.Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
PenetrationSweepThis class will, given an intersection pair (an ingoing and outgoing intersection), calculate the penetration depth.Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
PolygonA polygon represented by a list of its vertices in counterclockwise ordering.Classnet.phys2d.raw.shapesPhys2D
PolygonBoxColliderCollide a Convex Polygon with a Box.Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
PolygonCircleColliderCollide a circle with a convex polygonConstructor SummaryPolygonCircleCollider()Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
PolygonPolygonColliderCollision detection functions for colliding two polygons.Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
QuadSpaceStrategyA strategy that divides the space into 4 repeatedly until either the target number of bodies is reached or the a given level ofClassnet.phys2d.raw.strategiesPhys2D
SpringJointA joint representing a spring.Classnet.phys2d.rawPhys2D
SpringyAngleJointA joint providing a springy resistance between bodies.Classnet.phys2d.rawPhys2D
StaticBodyA body that will not moveFields inherited from class net.Classnet.phys2d.rawPhys2D
SwapColliderA collider wrapper that swaps the collision result of the collider.Classnet.phys2d.raw.collidePhys2D
WorldThe physics model in which the bodies exist.Classnet.phys2d.rawPhys2D