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#Net.phys2d.raw.shapes Classes and Interfaces - 9 results found.
BoxA simple box in the engine - defined by a width and heightFields inherited from class net.Classnet.phys2d.raw.shapesPhys2D
CircleA simple Circle within the simulation, defined by its radius and the position of the body to which it belongsClassnet.phys2d.raw.shapesPhys2D
ConvexPolygonClass representing a convex and closed polygon as a list of vertices in counterclockwise order.Classnet.phys2d.raw.shapesPhys2D
DynamicShapeA tagging interface used for shapes which the current implementation can use for dynamic bodies - i.Interfacenet.phys2d.raw.shapesPhys2D
LineImplemenation of a bunch of maths functions to do with lines.Classnet.phys2d.raw.shapesPhys2D
PolygonA polygon represented by a list of its vertices in counterclockwise ordering.Classnet.phys2d.raw.shapesPhys2D