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PartialRichContextInfoThe contextInfo control adds an area which can be clicked to show contextual ADF
RichActiveImageThe image component renders an image specified by the source ADF
RichActiveOutputTextThe activeOutputText component supports server side data change push for its "value" ADF ADF
RichIcon The icon component renders a skin specific ADF
RichImageThe image component renders an image specified by the source ADF
RichInlineFrame The inlineFrame component creates an inline frame ADF
RichMediaThe media component displays media content, such as audio, video, or image in a player embedded in the user ADF
RichMessage Component that displays a message on behalf of a ADF
RichMessagesThe messages component gives the user important messaging information that may or may not be directly related to specific ADF
RichOutputFormatted The outputFormatted bean accepts a string in its "value" attribute containing a very limited set of HTML markup and outputs formatted ADF
RichOutputLabelComponent that displays a label for a form component, including a text label, and an optional icon indicating whether the component is ADF
RichOutputTextThe outputText component supports styled ADF
RichPanelCollectionA panel component that aggregates collection components like table, treeTable and tree to display standard/application menus, toolbars and statusbar ADF
RichProgressIndicatorThe progressIndicator component can be used to give users an indication that there is a back end task in ADF
RichSeparator The separator creates a horizontal ADF
RichSpacer The spacer occupies a fixed amount of space in a layout, specified by its width and height ADF
RichStatusIndicatorThe statusIndicator displays various icons (animated and static) to indicate server ADF