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ActiveDataEntryActiveDataEntry is the abstract base class represents active data ADF
ActiveDataEntry .ChangeTypePossible change types of active dataIndicates the change is a new row ADF
ActiveDataEventActiveDataEntry is the abstract base class represents active data ADF
ActiveDataExceptionEventActiveDataEntry is the abstract base class represents active data ADF
ActiveDataExceptionEvent ADF
ActiveDataListenerListener called by an ActiveDataModel to inform the DataUpdateManager that the ActiveDataModel has ADF
ActiveDataUpdateEventActiveDataEntry is the abstract base class represents active data ADF
ActiveRowKeyChangeEventAn event queued to indicate that the active row key has change inside click-to-edit ADF
AutoSaveEventAutoSaveEvent is an event passed to af:autoSaveBehavior listeners when a dirtyValue from the client side needs to be propagated to the server ADF
AutoSaveEvent .AutoSaveTypeNotification to clean up any stored dirty value [ ADF ADF
BasePolytypeListener .EventTypeThese enumerations define the types of events this listener can ADF
CalendarActivityDurationChangeEventAn activity event is fired when the user changed the duration of an ADF
CalendarActivityDurationChangeListenerListener interface for ADF
CalendarActivityEventAn activity event is fired when the user clicks on an ADF
CalendarActivityListenerListener interface for ADF
CalendarDisplayChangeEventThe calendarDisplayChange event is delivered when some display change is made, for example the view is changed from month to ADF
CalendarDisplayChangeListenerListener interface for ADF
CalendarEvent/** CalendarEvent class for when a user clicks on empty space -- that is, space that isn't an ADF
CalendarListenerListener interface for ADF
CarouselSpinEventCarouselSpinEvent class for when a user spins the ADF
CarouselSpinListenerListener interface for ADF
ClientListenerSetA ClientListenerSet represents the group of client listeners and behaviors registered on a ADF
ColumnSelectionEventColumnSelectionEvent is fired when a column selection change occurrs in RichTable and ADF ADF
ColumnVisibilityChangeEventAn event queued to indicate that the columns inside a table are being hidden/ ADF
ContextInfoEventAn activity event is fired when the user clicks on an ADF
ContextInfoListenerListener interface for ADF
DialogEventEvent delivered when a action occurs in a UIXDialog ADF
DialogEvent .OutcomePossible outcomes from a dialogthe cancel outcome will not propagate to the ADF
DialogListenerListener for ADF
DropEventObject representing a drag and drop, drop on the ADF
DropEvent .DropOrientationPossible orientations that the drop might occur relative to the dropSite in the ADF
ItemEventItemEvent is delivered when an item has a noteworthy ADF
ItemEvent .TypePossible types of item eventType when item is ADF
ItemListenerListener for ADF
LaunchPopupEventLaunchPopupEvent ADF
LaunchPopupEvent .PopupTypePopup types supported by ADF
LaunchPopupListenerLaunchPopupListener ADF
MasonryDeleteEventMasonry layout delete eventSee Also:Serialized ADF
MasonryDeleteListenerListener interface for ADF
MasonryInsertEventMasonry layout insert eventSee Also:Serialized ADF
MasonryInsertListenerListener interface for ADF
MasonryReorderEventMasonry layout reorder eventSee Also:Serialized ADF
MasonryReorderListenerListener interface for ADF
MasonryResizeEventMasonry layout resize eventSee Also:Serialized ADF
MasonryResizeListenerListener interface for ADF
MaximizeEventEvent delivered when maximizing or unmaximizing a ADF
MaximizeListenerListener for ADF
MouseButtonAn enumeration of the button that was pressed, if anyEnum Constant ADF
PopupCanceledEventEvent raised on the RichPopup component for the client ADF
PopupCanceledListenerListener for the PopupCanceledEvent for the RichPopup ADF
PopupFetchEventThe popupFetchEvent is delivered when the contentDelivery is lazy or lazyUncached and the popup is asked to retrieve content from the ADF
PopupFetchListenerListener for ADF
ProxyEventThis class wraps a FacesEventAuthor:The Oracle ADF Faces TeamSee Also:Serialized ADF
QueryEventQueryEvent ADF
QueryListenerThe QueryListener is invoked when a user's action results in the QueryEvent being queued (and broadcast to the component) ADF
QueryOperationEventQueryOperationEvent ADF
QueryOperationEvent .OperationTypes of operation supported by a ADF
QueryOperationListenerQueryOperationListener ADF
RegionNavigationEventA RegionNavigationEvent is generated when the fragment being displayed by a region is ADF
RegionNavigationListenerListener for listening to ADF
RegionRemoteRefreshEventInstructions a region to refresh its ADF ADF
ReorderEventEvent that is currently used only internally by the frameworkSee Also:Serialized ADF
ResetListenerThe resetListener declarative way to reset input component's submitted ADF
ReturnPopupDataEventReturnPopupDataEvent ADF
ReturnPopupDataListenerReturnPopupDataListener ADF
ReturnPopupEventReturnPopupEvent is delivered after a user closes the popup dialog along with any data that may be required to update fields on the base ADF
ReturnPopupListenerReturnPopupListener ADF
SetPropertyListenerListener that supports setting a ADF
SpringboardChangeEventThe SpringboardChange event is delivered when some display change is made,See Also:Serialized ADF
SpringboardChangeListenerListener interface for ADF
TargetRepresents a Target object typically associated with a component that specifies rules that govern which target components get executed or rendered when specific events are (or any event is) raised by the ADF
Target ADF
TriggerTypeAn enumeration of the event trigger typesEnum Constant ADF
WindowCloseEventEvent indicating that window has been ADF ADF
WindowUnloadedEventEvent that provides notification that a window has been ADF