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ActiveCollectionModelDecoratorUsers of this class are able to enable active data with the existing data models inside their JSF ADF
ActiveDataModelActiveDataModel is the interface that all data models supporting pushing data must implement to take advantage of framework support for pushing data to the ADF
ActiveDataModel .ActiveDataPolicySupported active data policyModel will generate active events, and the events should be encoded and sent to ADF
ActiveScalarModelDecoratorUsers of this class are able to enable active data with the existing data models inside their JSF ADF ADF
AsyncFetchInterface to be implemented by the data models that support fetching data on the thread other then the request ADF
AsyncFetcherClass vended by AsyncFetch for performing data fetch operations off of the Request ADF
AttributeCriterionAn AttributeCriterion contains information specific to a search field that is based off an attribute as defined by an ADF
AttributeCriterion ADF
AttributeDescriptorAn AttributeDescriptor represents a querable ADF
AttributeDescriptor .ComponentTypeList of component ADF
AttributesModelAn AttributesModel is a collection of ADF
AutoSuggestUIHintsThe class provides the UIHints for the suggestItems implementation of autoSuggestBehavior ADF
BaseAttributeDescriptorA BaseAttributeDescriptor represents an attribute that is part of a view object (in ADF) or any other model ADF ADF
CalendarActivityBase abstract class that represents an activity rendered in a Calendar ADF
CalendarActivity .RecurringRecurring information of calendar ADF
CalendarActivity .ReminderReminder information of calendar ADF
CalendarActivity .TimeTypeWhether or not time (hours, minutes, etc) is ADF
CalendarModelCalendarModel is an abstract base class that represents a model for a Calendar ADF
CalendarProviderCalendarProvider is an abstract base class that represents a provider, or owner, of calendar ADF
CalendarProvider .EnabledEnabled information for a ADF ADF ADF
ColumnDescriptorA column Descriptor describes the model for column used to dynamically create a column in a rich ADF
ConjunctionCriterionRepresents a group of criterion objects that use one conjuction operator between ADF
ConjunctionCriterion .ConjunctionAND and OR are the operators used between the individual criterion objects in a search ADF
CriterionThe base class for a criterion (or a search criteria item) ADF ADF
FilterableQueryDescriptorFilterableQueryDescriptor is an abstract subclass of ADF
FilterableQueryDescriptor .FilterFeatureIndicates case insensitive filtering for String and ADF ADF
GroupingAsyncFetchInterface that extends AsyncFetch, to be implemented by the data models that support asynchronized data fetch that potentially need to be ADF
ListOfValuesModelThis abstract class defines a contract that is required to be met by any managed bean that provides data relevant to displaying an LOV ADF
ListOfValuesModel ADF ADF
NumberRangeClass representing a numeric range based on starting and ending ADF
PageTemplateModelControlling bean of a page ADF
QueryDescriptorA QueryDescriptor describes a saved search by providing Criterion objects (used to render search fields; by providing an ability to add remove Criterion ADF
QueryDescriptor .QueryModeIdentifies the search mode for the saved ADF
QueryModelThe model for query component, it is used to manage QueryDescriptor ADF
RegionModelModel for the Region ADF
RegionModel .RegionActionMetadata constants for available actionsSee ADF ADF
RemoteRegionErrorEventAn event for a ADF
RemoteRegionErrorEvent .TypeThis is the type of the RemoteRegionErrorEvent being ADF
RemoteRegionErrorListenerThis class listens for an error condition on a Region component when an error occurs retrieving remote ADF
RemoteRegionHttpErrorEventThis is explicitly for events with a type of ADF
RemoteRegionListenerThe remote region listener listens for remote calls from the region ADF
RemoteRegionModelModel for a remote Region ADF
ReplaceableModelReplaceableModel is the interface that must be implemented by the models that could potentially become ADF ADF ADF ADF
TableModelA Table model describes a model used to create a table ADF
TrainStopModelRepresents a model for a train stop within the train ADF ADF