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AuthorizationProviderThis interface will add an itentity or authorization to a ADF
CookieWrapperThe RemoteApplicationFramework needs to use two cookie types on a regular ADF
ErrorResultReturns an error ADF
ErrorResult .SourceTells where the ErrorResult was ADF
FailedValidationResultThis is the response delivered in a ADF
HttpExceptionThis exception is added to an ERROR response when there was a connecton issue of some ADF
InvalidateSessionTaskHandlerThis task services an INVOKE type request and will invalidate a ADF
InvalidateSessionTaskHandler ADF ADF
NonSerializableProducerExceptionThis is sent back to the producer instead of another message when a particular exception is not ADF
NotAuthorizedExceptionThis exception is thrown when the RemoteApplication framework is unable to successfully authorize to a remote ADF ADF
RawResultThe result type for a raw ADF
RemoteApplicationThis is a reference to a remote web ADF
RemoteApplicationContextThe RemoteApplicationContext is a context used when the richclient is running as a producer using the RemoteApplication ADF
RemoteApplicationInstanceWhile the RemoteApplication references a webapp url that hosts an application, the RemoteApplicationInstance hosts a specific instance to the remote ADF
RemoteApplicationRequestThis is the request object into the remote ADF
RemoteApplicationRequest .OperationAn enumeration of request ADF
RemoteApplicationResponseThe response returned from a remote application ADF
RemoteApplicationResponse .StatusThe status of the execution ADF
RemoteApplicationResponse .TypeThis returns the type of ADF
RemoteApplicationResponseGeneratorGenerates various types of ADF
RemoteApplicationUtilsThis is the workhorse of the Remote Application ADF
RemoteRegionListenerContextProvides a context for RemoteRegionListeners so that they can extend their functionality based on a particular ADF
RequestAttributesThis task handles the setting of request ADF ADF ADF
TaskErrorResultThis is returned when a task issues an error on the server and contains additional information as to what task actually caused the ADF
TaskHandlerThis is the interface for a ADF
TaskInvocationStores information about a task invocation for this ADF ADF