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#Org.activiti.engine.task Classes and Interfaces - 13 results found.
AttachmentAny type of content that is be associated with a task or with a process instance.Interfaceorg.activiti.engine.taskActiviti
CommentUser comments that form discussions around tasks.Interfaceorg.activiti.engine.taskActiviti
DelegationStateenum DelegationStateDefines the different states of delegation that a task can be in.Classorg.activiti.engine.taskActiviti
EventExposes twitter-like feeds for tasks and process instances.Interfaceorg.activiti.engine.taskActiviti
IdentityLinkAn identity link is used to associate a task with a certain identity.Interfaceorg.activiti.engine.taskActiviti
IdentityLinkTypeContains constants for all types of identity links that can be used to involve a user or group with a certain task.Classorg.activiti.engine.taskActiviti
NativeTaskQueryAllows querying of Tasks via native (SQL) queriesAuthor:Bernd Ruecker (camunda)Interfaceorg.activiti.engine.taskActiviti
TaskRepresents one task for a human user.Interfaceorg.activiti.engine.taskActiviti
TaskInfoQueryInterface containing shared methods between the TaskQuery and the HistoricTaskInstanceQuery.Interfaceorg.activiti.engine.taskActiviti
TaskInfoQueryWrapperThis is a helper class to help you work with the TaskInfoQuery, without having to care about the awful generics.Classorg.activiti.engine.taskActiviti
TaskQueryAllows programmatic querying of Tasks;Author:Joram Barrez, Falko Menge, Tijs RademakersInterfaceorg.activiti.engine.taskActiviti
TaskServiceService which provides access to Task and form related operations.Interfaceorg.activiti.engineActiviti