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#Org.apache.avro.hadoop.file Classes and Interfaces - 6 results found.
HadoopCodecFactoryEncapsulates the ability to specify and configure an avro compression codec from a given hadoop codec defined with the configuration parameter:Classorg.apache.avro.hadoop.fileAvro
SortedKeyValueFileA SortedKeyValueFile is an indexed Avro container file of KeyValue records The SortedKeyValueFile is a directory with two files, named 'data' andClassorg.apache.avro.hadoop.fileAvro
SortedKeyValueFile .ReaderReads a SortedKeyValueFile by loading the key index into memory.Classorg.apache.avro.hadoop.file.SortedKeyValueFileAvro
SortedKeyValueFile .Reader .OptionsA class to encapsulate the options of a Reader.Classorg.apache.avro.hadoop.file.SortedKeyValueFile.ReaderAvro
SortedKeyValueFile .WriterWrites a SortedKeyValueFile.Classorg.apache.avro.hadoop.file.SortedKeyValueFileAvro
SortedKeyValueFile .Writer .OptionsA class to encapsulate the various options of a SortedKeyValueFile.Classorg.apache.avro.hadoop.file.SortedKeyValueFile.WriterAvro