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#Org.apache.avro.reflect Classes and Interfaces - 12 results found.
AvroAliasAdds the given name and space as an alias to the schema.Classorg.apache.avro.reflectAvro
AvroEncodeExpert: Fields with this annotation are encoded using the given custom encoder.Classorg.apache.avro.reflectAvro
AvroMetaAdds the given key:Value pair as metadata into the schema, at the corresponding node.Classorg.apache.avro.reflectAvro
AvroNameSets the avroname for this java field.Classorg.apache.avro.reflectAvro
AvroSchemaDeclares that a Java type should have a specified Avro schema, overriding the normally inferred schema.Classorg.apache.avro.reflectAvro
CustomEncodingExpert: a custom encoder and decoder that writes an object directly to avro.Classorg.apache.avro.reflectAvro
DateAsLongEncodingThis encoder/decoder writes a java.Classorg.apache.avro.reflectAvro
ReflectDataUtilities to use existing Java classes and interfaces via reflection.Classorg.apache.avro.reflectAvro
ReflectData .AllowNullReflectData implementation that permits null field values.Classorg.apache.avro.reflect.ReflectDataAvro
ReflectDatumWriterDatumWriter for existing classes via Java reflection.Classorg.apache.avro.reflectAvro
UnionDeclares that a Java type should be represented by an Avro union schema.Classorg.apache.avro.reflectAvro