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#Org.apache.axis.components.compiler Classes and Interfaces - 6 results found.
AbstractCompilerThis class implements the functionality common to all Java compilers.Classorg.apache.axis.components.compilerApache Axis
CompilerThis interface defines a compiler's functionality for all (Java-based) compiled languagesInterfaceorg.apache.axis.components.compilerApache Axis
CompilerErrorThis class encapsulates an error message produced by a programming language processor (whether interpreted or compiled)Classorg.apache.axis.components.compilerApache Axis
CompilerFactoryThis class implements a factory to instantiate a Compiler.Classorg.apache.axis.components.compilerApache Axis
JavacThis class wraps the Sun's Javac Compiler.Classorg.apache.axis.components.compilerApache Axis
JikesThis class wraps IBM's Jikes Java compiler NOTE: inspired by the Apache Jasper implementation.Classorg.apache.axis.components.compilerApache Axis