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#Org.apache.axis.transport.mail Classes and Interfaces - 6 results found.
HandlerA stub URLStreamHandler, so the system will recognize our custom URLs as valid.Classorg.apache.axis.transport.mailApache Axis
MailConstantsClassorg.apache.axis.transport.mailApache Axis
MailSenderThis is meant to be used on a SOAP Client to call a SOAP server via SMTP/POP3Author:Davanum Srinivas (dims@yahoo.Classorg.apache.axis.transport.mailApache Axis
MailServerThis is a simple implementation of an SMTP/POP3 server for processing SOAP requests via Apache's xml-axis.Classorg.apache.axis.transport.mailApache Axis
MailTransportA Transport which will cause an invocation via "mail"Author:Davanum Srinivas Classorg.apache.axis.transport.mailApache Axis
MailWorkerClassorg.apache.axis.transport.mailApache Axis