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#Org.apache.calcite.sql.util Classes and Interfaces - 10 results found.
ChainedSqlOperatorTableChainedSqlOperatorTable implements the SqlOperatorTable interface by chaining together any number of underlying operator table instances.Classorg.apache.calcite.sql.utilCalcite
ReflectiveSqlOperatorTableReflectiveSqlOperatorTable implements the SqlOperatorTable interface by reflecting the public fields of a subclass.Classorg.apache.calcite.sql.utilCalcite
SqlBasicVisitorBasic implementation of SqlVisitor which does nothing at each node.Classorg.apache.calcite.sql.utilCalcite
SqlBasicVisitor .ArgHandlerReturns the result of visiting all children of a call to an operator, then the call itself.Interfaceorg.apache.calcite.sql.util.SqlBasicVisitorCalcite
SqlBasicVisitor .ArgHandlerImplDefault implementation of SqlBasicVisitor.Classorg.apache.calcite.sql.util.SqlBasicVisitorCalcite
SqlBuilderExtension to StringBuilder for the purposes of creating SQL queries Using this class helps to prevent SQL injection attacks, incorrectlyClassorg.apache.calcite.sql.utilCalcite
SqlShuttleBasic implementation of SqlVisitor which returns each leaf node This class is useful as a base class for classes which implement theClassorg.apache.calcite.sql.utilCalcite
SqlStringString that represents a kocher SQL statement, expression, or fragment.Classorg.apache.calcite.sql.utilCalcite
SqlVisitorVisitor class, follows the The type parameter R is the return type of each Interfaceorg.apache.calcite.sql.utilCalcite