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#Org.apache.hadoop.util Classes and Interfaces - 15 results found.
ApplicationClassLoaderA URLClassLoader for application isolation.Classorg.apache.hadoop.utilApache Hadoop
BloomFilter The Bloom filter is a data structure that was introduced in 1970 and that has been adopted by the networking research community in the past decade thanks to the bandwidth efficiencies that itClassorg.apache.hadoop.util.bloomApache Hadoop
CountingBloomFilter A counting Bloom filter is an improvement to standard a Bloom filter as it allows dynamic additions and deletions of set membership information.Classorg.apache.hadoop.util.bloomApache Hadoop
DynamicBloomFilter A dynamic Bloom filter (DBF) makes use of a s * m bit matrix but each of the s rows is a standard Bloom filter.Classorg.apache.hadoop.util.bloomApache Hadoop
HashFunctionSee Also:The general behavior of a key being stored in a filter, The general behavior of a filterClassorg.apache.hadoop.util.bloomApache Hadoop
IPListInterfaceorg.apache.hadoop.utilApache Hadoop
ProgressableA facility for reporting progress.Interfaceorg.apache.hadoop.utilApache Hadoop
PureJavaCrc32A pure-java implementation of the CRC32 checksum that uses the same polynomial as the built-in native CRC32.Classorg.apache.hadoop.utilApache Hadoop
PureJavaCrc32CA pure-java implementation of the CRC32 checksum that uses the CRC32-C polynomial, the same polynomial used by iSCSIClassorg.apache.hadoop.utilApache Hadoop
ReflectionUtilsClassorg.apache.hadoop.utilApache Hadoop
RemoveSchemeDefines the different remove scheme for retouched Bloom filters.Interfaceorg.apache.hadoop.util.bloomApache Hadoop
RetouchedBloomFilter It allows the removal of selected false positives at the cost of introducing random false negatives, and with the benefit of eliminating some random falseClassorg.apache.hadoop.util.bloomApache Hadoop
StringInternerProvides equivalent behavior to String.Classorg.apache.hadoop.utilApache Hadoop
ToolA tool interface that supports handling of generic command-line options.Interfaceorg.apache.hadoop.utilApache Hadoop
ToolRunnerA utility to help run Tools.Classorg.apache.hadoop.utilApache Hadoop