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#Org.apache.kafka.clients.producer Classes and Interfaces - 9 results found.
KafkaProducerA Kafka client that publishes records to the Kafka cluster.Classorg.apache.kafka.clients.producerApache Kafka
CallbackA callback interface that the user can implement to allow code to execute when the request is complete.Interfaceorg.apache.kafka.clients.producerApache Kafka
BufferExhaustedExceptionThis exception is thrown if the producer is in non-blocking mode and the rate of data production exceeds the rate at which data can be sent for long enough for the alloted buffer to be exhausted.Classorg.apache.kafka.clients.producerApache Kafka
MockProducerA mock of the producer interface you can use for testing code that uses Kafka.Classorg.apache.kafka.clients.producerApache Kafka
PartitionerInterfaceorg.apache.kafka.clients.producerApache Kafka
ProducerThe interface for the KafkaProducerSee Also:KafkaProducer, Interfaceorg.apache.kafka.clients.producerApache Kafka
ProducerConfigConfiguration for the Kafka Producer.Classorg.apache.kafka.clients.producerApache Kafka
ProducerRecordA key/value pair to be sent to Kafka.Classorg.apache.kafka.clients.producerApache Kafka
RecordMetadataClassorg.apache.kafka.clients.producerApache Kafka