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#Org.apache.log4j.config Classes and Interfaces - 5 results found.
PropertyGetterUsed for inferring configuration information for a log4j's component.Classorg.apache.log4j.configApache Log4j
PropertyGetter .PropertyCallbackInterfaceorg.apache.log4j.config.PropertyGetterApache Log4j
PropertyPrinterPrints the configuration of the log4j default hierarchy (which needs to be auto-initialized) as a propoperties fileClassorg.apache.log4j.configApache Log4j
PropertySetterGeneral purpose Object property setter.Classorg.apache.log4j.configApache Log4j
PropertySetterExceptionThrown when an error is encountered whilst attempting to set a property using the PropertySetter utility class.Classorg.apache.log4j.configApache Log4j