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#Org.apache.log4j.rewrite Classes and Interfaces - 5 results found.
MapRewritePolicyThis policy rewrites events where the message of the original event implementes java.Classorg.apache.log4j.rewriteApache Log4j
PropertyRewritePolicyThis policy rewrites events by adding a user-specified list of properties to the event.Classorg.apache.log4j.rewriteApache Log4j
ReflectionRewritePolicyThis policy rewrites events by evaluating any JavaBean properties on the message object and adding themClassorg.apache.log4j.rewriteApache Log4j
RewriteAppenderThis appender forwards a logging request to another appender after possibly rewriting the logging event.Classorg.apache.log4j.rewriteApache Log4j
RewritePolicyThis interface is implemented to provide a rewrite strategy for RewriteAppender.Interfaceorg.apache.log4j.rewriteApache Log4j