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#Org.apache.log4j.varia Classes and Interfaces - 9 results found.
DenyAllFilterThis filter drops all logging events.Classorg.apache.log4j.variaApache Log4j
ExternallyRolledFileAppenderThis appender listens on a socket on the port specified by the Port property for a "RollOver" message.Classorg.apache.log4j.variaApache Log4j
FallbackErrorHandlerThe FallbackErrorHandler implements the ErrorHandler interface such that a secondary appender may be specified.Classorg.apache.log4j.variaApache Log4j
LevelMatchFilterThis is a very simple filter based on level matching.Classorg.apache.log4j.variaApache Log4j
LevelRangeFilterThis is a very simple filter based on level matching, which can be used to reject messages with priorities outside a certain range.Classorg.apache.log4j.variaApache Log4j
NullAppenderA NullAppender merely exists, it never outputs a message to anyFields inherited from class org.Classorg.apache.log4j.variaApache Log4j
ReloadingPropertyConfiguratorFields inherited from interface org.Classorg.apache.log4j.variaApache Log4j
RollerA simple application to send roll over messages to a potentially remote ExternallyRolledFileAppender.Classorg.apache.log4j.variaApache Log4j
StringMatchFilterThis is a very simple filter based on string matching.Classorg.apache.log4j.variaApache Log4j