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#Org.apache.log4j.xml Classes and Interfaces - 7 results found.
DOMConfiguratorUse this class to initialize the log4j environment using a DOM tree.Classorg.apache.log4j.xmlApache Log4j
Log4jEntityResolverAn EntityResolver specifically designed to return log4j.Classorg.apache.log4j.xmlApache Log4j
SAXErrorHandlerClassorg.apache.log4j.xmlApache Log4j
UnrecognizedElementHandlerWhen implemented by an object configured by DOMConfigurator, the handle method will be called when an unrecognized childInterfaceorg.apache.log4j.xmlApache Log4j
XMLLayoutThe output of the XMLLayout consists of a series of log4j:event elements as defined in the log4j.Classorg.apache.log4j.xmlApache Log4j
XMLSampleThis example code shows how to read an XML based configuration file using a DOM parser.Classorg.apache.log4j.xml.examplesApache Log4j