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ChatClientSupportA simple chat client for a given Mina
ChatCommandEncapsulates a chat command.Classorg.apache.mina.example.chatApache Mina
ChatProtocolHandlerIoHandler implementation of a simple chat server protocol.Classorg.apache.mina.example.chatApache Mina
ConnectDialogTODO Add documentationAuthor:Apache MINA ProjectSee Also:Serialized Mina
Main(Entry point) Chat serverAuthor:Apache MINA ProjectClassorg.apache.mina.example.chatApache Mina
SpringMain(Entry point) Chat server which uses Spring and the serverContext.Classorg.apache.mina.example.chatApache Mina
SwingChatClientSimple chat client based on Swing & MINA that implements the chat Mina
SwingChatClientHandlerIoHandler implementation of the client side of the simple chat Mina
SwingChatClientHandler Mina